Puppy Saves the Day!

Remember this little guy we got last October? (Click HERE for the blog post)

He's very small...the bear he's snuggling with is about 12 inches tall.

He’s very small…the bear he’s snuggling with is about 12 inches tall.

Here’s another picture of the little guy when he was only 7 weeks old.

We'd just got back from romping through the pumpkin patch when this was taken. He was so tired that we had to wake him up to take the picture.

We’d just got back from romping through the pumpkin patch when this was taken. He was so tired that we had to wake him up to take the picture.

Well, I’ve got another picture for you. In this one he’s four months old, and he’s (brace yourself!) FIFTY-EIGHT pounds.

The bone is over three feet long, and he carries it around like it's nothing.

The bone is over three feet long, and he carries it around like it’s nothing.

He’s a Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix so he’s only going to get bigger. So big in fact that our vet just snickered when I asked out much bigger would he get. (For the record, we’re expecting him to be about 120 pounds when he’s done growing). Β And there’s not an ounce of fat on him, just extra skin taunting us with hints of his future size.

In researching the breed mix, we came across an article that stated one of the traits of a Great Pyrenees was being known to, “protect their family to their own detriment.”

And a few weeks ago I got to see that trait firsthand.

Though he’s still young, he’s already proven his worth as a protector when a strange man threatened me as I waited for the kiddos to get off their bus. Β Puppy already has a big-boy bark and by the time the bus arrived the man had fled the area, and the kiddos never had a clue there was trouble.

How about you? Do you have any stories of a dog helping you in times of trouble?


21 thoughts on “Puppy Saves the Day!

  1. Someone threatened you?!?!?! *cracks knuckles menacingly*

    Although it seems that the pupperoni beat me to the punch πŸ™‚ I have friends with Great Pyrenees dogs who protect their goats from coyotes (and people) and the dogs are super awesome at being protective and at the same time, family oriented. For example: Guy chasing goats gets run out of the field. Lost kid wanders in, kid is escorted to the nearest ‘big person’ amid licking and nudging and coddling. Love dogs like that!

    As far as personal instances of dogs helping me in times of trouble, I don’t have a good story (not one that sticks out) but my cat, Ari, attacked my brother in law’s brother once when he got too close to my bed at 3am… but for the record, the brother in law’s brother wasn’t doing anything. Just too close the bed at too early an hour for Ari’s taste. That’s a cat’s idea of protection for you.

    • Artemis,

      I was stunned too when it happened, but not so much that I didn’t yell at the guy to get away from me, mainly because my kiddos were expected to arrive in less than a minute and I wasn’t going to have them seeing him!

      Love the story about the differing “escorting” styles.

      Also, as I’m typing this puppy is dropping and fetching and retrieving a squeaky tennis ball.

      Kudos to your cat for protecting sleep! Sleep must be protected at all costs!


  2. Gees Christi, and your puppy is black. I had a black mix of who knows what origins. She was just a medium size girl, a mutt with lots of moxy and I thought no bark. Late one evening when I lived alone with the kids, I let her out for a walk. When I came down (I was young and stupid) in cut-a-ways and a half shirt, barefoot and about to open the door to let her back in. A man approached with a sneer and a comment as to what he’d love to do to me in those shorts.

    Seeing the dog approach, I pushed my hand on the glass door and trapped the man out there with my little gir. And she proceded to grow ten inches, growled and bit his ankles. He ran off yelping and she strolled in the door very pleased with herself.

    They love us and want very much to protect us from harm. That is the true blessing of our “pets” who in fact become great companions, friends and an important part of our family πŸ™‚

    • Florence,

      I LOVE the phrase “Mutt with lots of moxy” and it sounds like your little lady earned that nickname!

      Scary man got what he deserved. I hope that ankle bothers him still to this day!


    • Talynn,

      My hubby picked him up just last night and nearly dropped to his knees because of the weight. Apparently he’s now close to 70 pounds, and still only five months old.

      Maybe I should put together a pool for his final weight, with the grand prize of course being a book πŸ™‚


    • L,

      He has such glossy fur that is so soft. His ears are super floppy and fun to play with too.

      He does have his moments though, like yesterday when he tipped over the garbage can and rooted through everything all over the kitchen floor πŸ™‚


      • oh, yah, know about the rooting in the waste baskets! I have a white pyranese/lab mix who I adopted Jan 31st 2014, He is 3 yrs old, 65 lbs. and has black hairs through his soft ears. And can he barkbarkbark!! I work different shifts and this poses a problem. I try to walk him every day, and that seems to help, tho’ it wears me out as I am not a spring chicken! But I love him, and will not take him back to the pound. I don’t want to get a shock collar, as I know it is in his nature to bark a lot, but may have to..I hear they have shock/buzz combo collars, that work great, as when he barks, he gets buzzed, then a lil treat…rather buzz him than zap him! He is slowly getting better….don’t give up, folks! Christy

        • Christy,

          Congratulations on your new addition to your family! From your description he sounds beautiful πŸ™‚

          Our boy has a very deep bark, but only uses it to warn us of danger, or rather what he perceives as danger with things like the doorbell, cats outside, and people walking by πŸ™‚


          • oh, he is a beaut alright! I can send you a picture if you give me your email address. He is getting better about the barking, I think the daily walks help..yes, Bud has a deep bark too. As we adopted him from our local shelter I do not know much about his early years…too bad. Took him on a walk at our dog friendly beach yesterday, and met many folks who gave me inspiration, and Bud picked up a ton of dog messages! He was verrrry happy. Maybe that is why it was a rare barkless night! Thank you for your blog!!!! So glad I found it!! Christy

  3. He’s beautiful, and brave too. Is his name Puppy?

    I love Florence and Artemisgrey’s stories. Here’s my dog story: Years ago, my baby brother was sitting on the curb in front of our house throwing pebbles at passing cars (yep). An irate lady pulled over and grabbed him by the arm, leading him firmly toward our front door to “turn him in.” The poor lady didn’t know our boxer was looking out the front door. The dog crashed through the door to protect his preschool juvenile delinquent. Luckily he didn’t hurt the lady, but scared her badly. My brother claims not to remember the incident!

    • Monica,

      His name isn’t puppy, but I figure I got to keep some stuff private :).

      Some fun names we did entertain though include Tank, Bear, Sasquatch, Squatch, Gus, and a few others that revolved around size. I pushed really hard for Squatch but got outvoted 😦

      I can’t believe a stranger would dare to handle a child like that! Good job to your doggie for protecting him…though I wonder what happened to the door?


  4. Rachel,

    Thank you! He’s gained about seven more pounds since this picture was taken πŸ™‚

    Loved your pics of your doggies “helping” you edit πŸ™‚


  5. Well, it wasn’t a time of trouble. We had a small spaniel that was very protective of the kids (the oldest being 12 at the time). In one instance we were camping and the kids were playing with a couple of other family’s children. They were running after each other in a field and when the dad of one of the kids joined the fray our little spaniel went after his backside, winding up with a mouthful of fabric. That’s when I learned he wouldn’t suffer even mock predatory behavior from an adult toward a child. That was confirmed and shown to include even a teenager one evening. We had our pastor & his family (they were also personal friends) over for dinner. As they were leaving the pastor, whose son was a friend of our son’s, layed a playful wrestling move on our boy. Faithful spaniel again went for the seat of the pants. That’s when we realized how smart he was. The backside is safer to attack because it can’t fight back.

    • Tori,

      Smart doggie to go after the backside! And kudos to him on protecting the kiddos!

      So glad you’re feeling better!


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