Why the Oxford Comma Rules All

I don’t have anything to share about my publishing journey as I’m still freaking out and constantly hitting refresh on my email waiting patiently for the first round of edits to arrive, so I thought I’d share this 🙂

And you can see by my brief bio (look to the left, underneath the pic of me, you’ll see me attempting to be witty) that I’ve long extolled the use of the Oxford comma.

Oxford Comma Illustration

What about you? How do you feel about the rules of grammar? Any favorites? Any you despise?


11 thoughts on “Why the Oxford Comma Rules All

  1. I still use the Oxford Comma too!!! The only times I’ll ever consider leaving it out is if the sentence is a run on and I end up with a ridiculous number of commas. But even then I’m more likely to just rewrite the sentence until either I can use the Oxford comma, or I don’t need it anyway.

    • Artemis,

      Love me some Oxford :). Hope all is getting better with you and I’m beyond sorry for your loss.

      For all of you who don’t know, Artemis is one of my critique partners, and she just suffered the loss of her lovely horse, Di. Check out her blog for her poignant telling of the last minutes, but beware you’ll need tissues.


  2. I went the new way for a while and the sentences just didn’t look right. So I always use the Oxford Comma. The rule of grammar that I think is non-essential for writers? Don’t use a preposition at the end of a sentence. There is a very funny piece by Winston Churchhill on this and how in normal speech it is impossible NOT to end with one 🙂

    • Florence,

      New way, shmoo way! I love your breaking the rules style with the preposition and think I have a few of those in Along the Way Home. We’ll see if they make it to the end 🙂


    • Monica,

      No Oxford?! Banish you from my blog!

      Just kidding, there’s no need to use it around me because I totally respect your choices on the comma. However, know that I’ll be snickering as I watch you enjoy your toast covered with orange juice 😀

      Loving the video!


  3. Toast “covered” with orange juice? I pictured toast dunked in orange juice. Not my favorite. The sentence should have been “…eggs, toast and hot chocolate.”

    I just read an article last week that the use of punctuation depends on the destination of your submission. What we, as individual authors, prefer in the way of punctuation styles, m,eans diddly-squat in the long run. It’s all up to what style the publisher subscribes too. A sad state of affairs in my opinion because it puts the writer in the position of being “darned if you do, and darned if you don’t.”

    • Tori,

      So you’re a hot cocoa fan? Me too, especially after a walk in the fresh snow.

      Here’s to hoping Astraea subscribes to the Oxford Comma way of thinking…

      *frets thinking about seeing my sentences without that last comma*


    • Tori,


      *looks up to review your post, doesn’t see errors and has to look again*

      Wait…your punctuation error was in not using the Oxford Comma for your hot chocolate sentence! The horror!


      Looking forward to seeing you again at writer’s group.


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