Quote Friday

Today’s quote comes from Elbert Hubbard…

A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.

And, here’s a video of babies trying lemons for the first time. Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Quote Friday

    • Florence,

      You don’t like lemons? I love sour stuff, especially the candy called “Sour Patch Kids”. Good stuff!

      Thanks for visiting!


  1. That is a funny video – and I think what really got me is both the “sour surprise look” followed by the curiosity or even interested look . . .not for all of them, but for some of them. It’s amazing that sour gets our attention like that.

    • Tyrean,

      I noticed they all had a very similar reaction, which included the face of surprise and then they jerked backward.

      I gave my son a lemon when he was about nine months old and he LOVED it. Totally took me and the hubby and most of the people around us in the restaurant by surprise. His twin sister? Not so much with the liking 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. Well, as usual I love the quote! It’s so inspiring and made me realize that the good stuff is just around the corner:)

    When my oldest daughter was a baby, we gave her a lemon and she ate so much her lips got a bleached looked! It scared me to death! I thought I had done something terrible! Poor baby:( But she was fine, and to this day, she loves sour stuff!

    Sorry to be so scare here lately. I’ve been ridiculously busy. shew!

    • Talynn,

      It’s always a good thing to be ridiculously busy…means you’re on track!

      My son who loved lemons from the minute we gave him is currently munching away on a really sour apple. So sour that no one else in the family will touch it.

      Thanks for visiting.


    • Michelle,

      Sorry for the delay in posting your comment, somehow it got stuck in the spam filter.

      Thanks so much for visiting!


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