The Death of Di

Last week, one of my critique partners held her horse in her arms as it died. Here is one of the lovely things she had to say afterward…

Our course of action was clear. Di deserved the kind of mercy that comes from letting go, rather than hanging on. So we set her free.

CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Please, visit Artemis’ blog and show your support for this writer who is going through a tough time. In addition to the death of her horse, she’s been without power for nearly a week due to the massive storms on the east coast. To you and I that probably means living by candlelight, but to Artemis that means hauling buckets of water by hand across large fields to satisfy thirsty horses. She’s tough, but could use some fellow writerly love!

Artemis and Di



3 thoughts on “The Death of Di

  1. Awwww Christi!!! I love you!!! I’m sitting here sniffling and wearing a locket full of Di’s hair 🙂 And being grateful that the power is back (praying it doesn’t go out again, as I take advil with my coffee) Thank YOU for your love and support! <3<3<3

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