Bunch of Random Fun

I don’t really have a focus for this blog post, so instead it will be a bunch of fun stuff I’ve saved up.

How do I know it’s springtime in the Corbett house? Easy, there’s worms in the fridge for the hubby’s fishing excursions. And now the twins are starting to love fishing as well. As you can see by the picture below, the hubby taught them about fishing early.

good day 002


Next bit of randomness…

Have you ever considered books as art? Click HERE to see pictures of books that have been transformed into actual miniature landscapes.

Onto more fun…

Click HERE for an interesting article about Google+, and the potential benefits to authors.

Click HERE if you’re wondering why your blog isn’t getting comments.

Click HERE for a list of the lies writer’s tell.

What about you? Do you have any fun, random bits of info to share? Perhaps about your writing?

4 thoughts on “Bunch of Random Fun

    • Monica,

      A few seconds after it was taken both kiddos dared to touch the fish in the net, and then squealed with glee. It was so cute!


  1. Christi, I love random thoughts … some days those are the only thoughts that surface. Good links … I mean those book sculpures are amazing. Thanks … and let us know if the hubby and kids make a good catch 🙂

    • Florence,

      The three of them went fishing last Saturday and didn’t catch anything but a fun time. Oh, and our boy was goofing off with his fishing pole and got the tip stuck on a tree branch, so he did catch a bunch of trouble from his Daddy 🙂


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