Quote Friday and Name Generator?

Today’s quote comes from Julie Andrews…

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.

And now it’s time for a little fun! Check out this Victorian and Steampunk name generator.

What’s your name(s)?


6 thoughts on “Quote Friday and Name Generator?

    • Florence,

      Love those names! Melicent was a Disney character to a movie my kiddos watch, but I can’t recall the name right now. Perhaps it will come to me soon.

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Brenna,

      I loved her in Mary Poppins and then when I was finally old enough, my mom let me watch The Sound of Music. I’ve loved her ever since. And now I’ve gotten the privilege of introducing her to my own daughter by cuing up a few of the songs.

      Plus my twins LOVED the clean up scene in Mary Poppins šŸ™‚

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Sheri,

      Thank you so much! And I’m really excited because I just found a treasure trove of great ones that will keep my Fridays filled until the end of the year.


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