Poll: What Influences you to Buy a Book?

I’ve finished my galleys and am now going over my back cover copy. Ā I still don’t have an official release date yet, but as soon as I do I’ll shout it to the world :).

Yesterday I bought a new book off the rack at the grocery store. As I perused all the choices and then ultimately selected one, I realized there is a lot involved in making a book purchase.

I’d love to hear more details in the comments about how you select a book. Do you have a specific order you run through? Drawn to a cover like a moth to a flame? Random and up for anything?

8 thoughts on “Poll: What Influences you to Buy a Book?

  1. Christi, of course the first thing I consider is if I know the author. Is it part of a series? Was I pleased with their last stand-alone? Word of mouth is also one of my considerations since I belong to a book club and a writer’s group who always recommend reading selections.

    For an unknown? If I am buying a book at a store, I’ll read the first few pages. Maybe the cover draws me, but not so much. It’s the section that I’m in at the book store. The tag lines and back cover description the jacket cover and of course I don’t buy until I read the first whatever pages.

    On amazon.com I look for their feature “Look inside this book” … I also read about the author since even new authors have an “author page” on amazon. amazon.com also groups books … “If you bought this … then we recommend that” feature in the middle of the page.

    Lastly, and certainly as important … I belong to two on-line groups and subscribe to over 20 blogs. Post with author interviews, book reviews, and the loop discussion of suggested reading is important. Authors I’ve met on line are on the top of my list because I always want to know how the person I’ve communicated with writes. So when someone I know has a book launch, I always buy their books.

    See? This certainly means that the moment you’re out there, I’ll be clicking on PayPal to buy you šŸ™‚ Ooops … I should have put that first!!

    • Florence,

      You gave such an informative comment…thank you!

      I too love the “Look Inside this Book” feature on Amazon. And now that I have a Kindle I’ll have to try doing the downloading a sample before I make the actual purchase. I wonder if the downloaded sample is the same length as the Look Inside glimpse? Do you know?

      I love how you always support an author’s book launch by buying their books! I try to do the same, but I’m on a budget so I have to be picky, but there’s some authors that I’ll run up the credit card for whenever they have a new release (Kaki Warner is one example. Her books are phenomenal!)

      I’m loving your writing prompt Wednesdays and am utterly amazed at how detailed your stories are. Suck me right in!


    • Monica,

      I’m always a sucker for a great cover, but the first page…specifically the first sentence…is how I decide. Then I always flip to a random spot in the middle and read a paragraph or two. If I’m intrigued it goes in the cart šŸ˜€

      Thanks for visiting. How’s your blog coming along?


  2. I’m increasingly stingy with my time, so a book on my TBR shelf has to pass muster on all those counts. I might forgive a lame cover if I already love an author. And I get the impression celebrity author endorsements are “fake,” so I don’t pay much attention to those.

    YOUR cover will be fantastic, I know it. Astraea’s covers are all gorgeous šŸ™‚ Excited for you, Christi! Can’t wait to read your new book, counting down…

    • Moriah,

      First, I must say that I’m LOVING your latest release and am sorry that I can’t officially review it because I would give that bad boy five stars! Love your humorous writing style!

      I’m stingy with both my time and my money, so if I get going on a book it’s got to keep my interest or over the shoulder it goes. I NEVER used to stop reading a book no matter what (I always would feel really guilty thinking of all the hard work an author must have put into it) but now that I’ve got a Kindle (woe is my budget for the day I discovered how to hook up WiFi and one click billing!) and can get low priced or free books, I’ve only finished the ones that keep my interest. (YOURS!)

      I hope you like my book šŸ˜€ *bites nails with nervous abandon at the thought of others reading it*


  3. I enjoy buying books from local authors or authors I know. Many times that is the deciding factor when buying an author’s book for the first time. If I enjoyed the writing I’ll purchase more of their books in the future. I’m also attracted by the cover and the back cover copy as well. Genre also plays a role.( Geee, there’s a lot to it!) Although my first two books are technically for kids I enjoy literary fiction as well. Many kid authors i know tend to read only read kids books, but I don’t particularily consider myself solely a children’s author since I’ve written far more short stories for adults.

    Things are moving along very quickly for you, Christi. Exciting, isn’t it?

    • Laura,

      I love supporting local authors and even more so authors that I know.

      I LOVE your new cover! So simple and yet it says so much.

      I too try to read outside of my genre because I think it makes me more well-rounded as a reader…and more broke as a budgeter šŸ˜€

      I now have a saying…”Publishing moves slowly, until it doesn’t.” Meaning that I’ve waited for so long and now that it’s finally here I’ve got lots of deadlines for lots of different things, and it’s amazing to see it all come together as one project. The next step is to get the official release date and then work begins on the cover. Exciting is an understatement!

      Thanks so much for visiting,


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