Quote Friday and What’s an Announcer?

Today’s quote comes from Milton Berle…

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.


And here’s me building a door :D.

As you probably know I’ve got a book, titled Along the Way Home, coming out on June 11th from Astraea Press.  I also have a small (teeny tiny small) marketing budget, which is mainly going toward bookmarks and business cards with VistaPrint (500 business cards are only $10 right now) and a few contests designed to get my name out in front of readers.

So, because word of mouth is the king of all marketing, I came up with the idea of having “Along the Way Home Announcers”; people who agree to mention my book ONCE on social media (any kind) and ONCE to someone face to face.

Extra incentive: I’ve got Oregon Trail themed prizes that I’ll give away to random “Announcers” so you might win something fun!

If you’re interested in becoming an “Along the Way Home Announcer” leave a comment here or send me a direct email and I’ll let you know more information.

How about you? What have you seen small press/indie authors do to effectively promote their book(s)? What have you seen that you thought was too pushy? 


4 thoughts on “Quote Friday and What’s an Announcer?

  1. Love the quote.

    I have already declared myself an “announcer” for Along the Way HOme … and yes …

    One of the best examples of good promotion with a small press book was Patti from my on-line chapter and her debut novel Moon Over Alcatraz, Patricia Yager Delagrange.

    And what I think is way too pushy with several writers I’ve met … is they don’t engage in thoughtful social networking until a couple of months before they launch. They only contact you when they are promoting themselves … worse … they suddenly blog or open pages that are so obviously self-promoting … and then they want to be your friend when six months before they couldn’t remember your name.

    • Linda,

      Thank you for the offer! So generous and kind!

      I’ve replied to your email with some details and plan on getting you what you need before your deadline.

      Also, I had a great time at your launch party on Facebook. Thanks for the invite 🙂


  2. Florence,

    Thanks so much for agreeing to be an Announcer. I’ve got you on the list, and in the spirit of not bothering the group, I’ll probably only post once a week. I can’t stand when I join a group and then my email is immediately overrun with emails.

    Those are GREAT points about how authors can turn off readers/other writers.

    Now I’m off to see what Patti has done to promote herself so well.

    Thanks for visiting,


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