Release Day for Along the Way Home! Cover, Contests, and More!

Along the Way Home releases today! There’s blog posts, contests, and tons of merriment going on around the internet, and I’ll be updating this post throughout the day/week as the links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers go live.

First, I’d like to finally reveal the cover…

Along The Way Home-Christi Corbett

Advance Praise for Along the Way Home

In Along the Way Home, author Christi Corbett unfurls an unforgettable epic romance inside of an epic Western adventure. Beautifully crafted, this debut novel is a tender journey of the heart as well as a treacherous journey of many miles. Along the Way Home is a squeaky-clean historical romance with authentic period details and deep emotion. Much danger, risk, courage and compassion will make you long for more books from this talented author. As heartwarming as Christy.”

Eve Paludan, author of Taking Back Tara (Ranch Lovers Romance series) 


A breathtaking account of courage and adventure along the Oregon Trail. Travel this dangerous journey with characters you will treasure as they cope with heart-wrenching difficulties they never thought to encounter in a search to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Christi Corbett’s debut novel, Along the Way Home, will both surprise and delight.

Jillian Kent, author of The Ravensmoore Chronicles


A dash of action! A touch of intrigue! Loads of sweet, clean romantic promise–a chick flick 1840’s historical western that will tickle young adults and ladies!

Reid Lance Rosenthal, Winner of 15 National Awards, #1 Best Selling Author of the Threads West, An American Saga series.

Purchase Information

Along the Way Home costs $2.99 and is available as an ebook at the following retailers (I’ll post the links as they go live throughout the day) and it will be available in print form sometime next month.


Barnes and Noble 



Astraea Press (my publisher)

OmniLit/All Romance E-Books



iTunes (Not available yet, will update when it goes live)

Blog Posts and Contests Galore!

Many  fellow writers agreed to help spread the word about my release, and I’ve got a lot of blog posts lined up for this week. I’ll post them here as they go live. Right now there’s only one, but by the end of the week they’ll be many more 😀

Rose Gordon: In this post you’ll learn how talking too much in 9th Grade English led to an interesting discovery.

Rachel Van Dyken: How a Road Trip in a Crowded Hyundai Inspired My First Novel. (There’s a contest with this post!)

Angie Eads is featuring an excerpt where Jake (the rugged trail guide) and Kate (the prim society woman) first meet and immediately clash over what’s important enough to bring along. Hint, Kate wants china and dresses, Jake wants tools and spare wagon parts.

Given that Along the Way Home is set on the 1843 Oregon Trail, I’m doing several giveaways of an Oregon Trail themed prize package on several of my guest posts this week. All you’ll need to do is leave a comment and you’re entered to win!

So, what are you doing this week? Anything exciting?


14 thoughts on “Release Day for Along the Way Home! Cover, Contests, and More!

  1. I am so excited for you!! The cover is just absolutely gorgeous!! And I can not wait to read this!!! Congrats Christi. I’m so happy you’ve realized your dream!
    *showers confetti and glittery ink!*

    • Talynn,

      I’ve had such a hard time not sharing the cover with everyone, so I’m so glad that today is finally here and I can put it everywhere!

      And I’m super excited to host your blog on Thursday…can’t wait to hand out the prize package to one of your readers!

      *eyes package sitting on desk, wishes it held glitter*


    • Florence,

      As soon as it goes up I’ll add it to the list of blogs. I’m so excited to hear from your blog readers, and eager to hear what they think of my post 🙂


    • L,

      Thanks so much! I’m just hoping to hear from at least one person that they enjoyed reading it and liked the story. Many sales would be a bonus 😀


    • Jillian,

      I credited you in the Acknowledgements section for being such a supportive friend over the years. Thank YOU!


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