Along the Way Home Blog Tour!

I’m touring the blog-o-sphere talking about the release of Along the Way Home!

Here’s a list of today’s blogs, and I’ll add to the list as the days go by. The following people were kind enough to share their blog and their readers with me, so I’d love for you to not only check out my post, but also to browse around their blogs too because they all offer a wealth of knowledge about writing and publishing.

UPDATED: Blogs I’m hosting on June 19-20th

Moriah Densley: Here I talk about the importance of a “You Don’t Suck” file. Though, thanks to one comment I’m considering changing the name of the file :D.

Theresa Hupp: She writes about the Oregon Trail too, and I had a great time on her blog chatting about the inspiration behind my book, and hardest thing about being a writer. We don’t agree on the Oxford comma, but I still had a great time.

Margo Kelly: She’s one of my critique partners (yay!) and here I’m talking about how failure wasn’t an option when it came to Along the Way Home.

Doreen McGettigan: I talk about why I write at night, long after my twins and our puppy are asleep.

Tori Mcrae: We are members of the same critique group, the Ridge Writers. On this post I chat about writing friendships

UPDATED: Blogs I’m hosting on June 13th

Ink in the Book: On Talynn Lynn’s blog I’m talking about how long it took me to get Along the Way Home over the publishing finish line, and also about the joys and defeats I encountered. (CONTEST!)

Kelly Martin: Rejection is part of every writer’s journey. Learn about how one rejection in particular finally led to me signing with Astraea Press in my post, “How A Stinging Rejection Led to a Book Contract”.

Blogs I’m hosting on June 12th

Fois in the City: On Florence Fois’ blog I’m talking about how we started our blogs at roughly the same time, and were often each other’s only visitor/commenter. And above all, how important her friendship is to me. And, she’s giving a hint at her own publishing news in the works. (CONTEST!)

PK Hrezo: On Pk’s blog she shares some very lovely thoughts about how important friendships are for writers. Here’s a particularly poignant line…

No one else understands this path, and attempting to explain wouldn’t demonstrate the magnitude. Sometimes we’re up. Other times we’re down. And only our fellow writers truly understand this roller coaster of emotion–the peak of hopes, and the valleys of despair.

Artemis Grey:  She’s one of my critique partners! We met in 2009 when I guest hosted over at Pimp My Novel, and our friendship developed over the years into a critique partnership. She was a wealth of information about horses, Virginia, and how to bury a dead body (got your attention there, didn’t I?!). Plus, there’s a picture on this post that you have to see to believe!

Linda Joyce: I’m sharing fun details about my favorite candy, favorite holiday, favorite car, and what I consider to be my ultimate dream date. I think my answers will surprise you!

Wendy Knight: I share the “inspiring moment” when I got the idea for Along the Way Home. It was on a cross-country drive in a compact car in the middle of winter. Here’s a fun line…

We’re driving my 1992 Hyundai Excel (compact car) and the backseat and hatchback are loaded to the windows with all my worldly possessions. As an extra bonus, my husband is 6 feet 4 inches tall. Plus it’s February, and since the middle of winter in the Midwest is brutally cold we’re sporting layers of long underwear, flannel shirts, and puffy coats.

Heather Gray: I’m sharing how my inability to describe things properly leads me to buy things off Craigslist so I can hold/see/feel them… so I can then in turn write about them. I also am sharing two short excerpts!

Blogs I’m hosting on June 9th to June 11th

Rose Gordon: In this post you’ll learn how talking too much in 9th Grade English led to an interesting discovery.

Rachel Van Dyken: How a Road Trip in a Crowded Hyundai Inspired My First Novel. (CONTEST!)

Angie Eads is featuring an excerpt where Jake (the rugged trail guide) and Kate (the prim society woman) first meet and immediately clash over what’s important enough to bring along. Hint, Kate wants china and dresses, Jake wants tools and spare wagon parts.

There’s more blog stops coming in the next few days, and I’ll post them as they go live. I hope you enjoy learning more about me through these posts!


7 thoughts on “Along the Way Home Blog Tour!

  1. Florence,

    I think you’ll enjoy the posts, and learn some interesting things about me 🙂

    Thanks again for hosting me on yours!


    • Monica,

      Busy is an understatement…and today is the last day of school for my twins so my days are about to get busier and louder 🙂

      Today’s agenda…making a huge fort in the garage 🙂


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  3. Truth: not every opinion is equal. Jesus was smart enough to know that. What would have happened if Jesus had crumbled under this rejection, if Jesus had buckled right here? What if Jesus had cared more about the opinions of his hometown friends than His heavenly Father? If we begin to notice we’re trying to please everybody we’re heading down the wrong path. It is impossible.

  4. Having served as a contest judge recently, I learned we’re supposed to keep our feedback encouraging, our goal being to support and gently educate the entrants. In a CP relationship, however, we build trust and learn to share at a deeper level than a contest judge can. Plus, we can ask for help in specific areas.

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