Contest Alert! Win a Kindle Fire!

On July 16th over 40 Astraea Press authors are doing giveaways of over 50 great prizes!

I’ve signed up and I’ll be doing two giveaways…an ebook version of Along the Way Home and an Oregon Trail themed prize package.

You’ll have to wait until July 16th to enter to win one of the 50 prizes, but you can enter now to win the Kindle Fire!

*grumbling while reading the “how to” part of my wordpress site*

And now, since I’ve spent way too much time trying to load the Rafflecopter onto my blog (and my twins are now eating popsicles for lunch because of how long I’ve been trying) I’m going to send you over to Heather Gray’s blog to enter now to win a Kindle Fire!

CLICK HERE for Heather’s blog, where she’s got the Rafflecopter and all the details for the AP FanFest! 


6 thoughts on “Contest Alert! Win a Kindle Fire!

  1. Florence,

    I’d LOVE to see you as the winner of the Kindle Fire! Did you click on the link to Heather’s blog and enter?

    Hope you win!


    • Talynn,

      Do you have a Kindle Fire (the one like a tablet) or is it a regular Kindle like mine where it’s just black and white with no letters at the bottom? (I have to make a keyboard come up by pushing buttons)


    • Sheri,

      On this day, Popsicles were their lunch :). I figure you gotta have those days sometimes…makes it fun!

      What’s your favorite type of popsicle? Mine is a fudge bar.


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