“Book Twins” for Fellow Astraea Author, Kelly Martin

Guest Post Day! Meet fellow Astraea Press author, Kelly Martin! She was so kind and helpful to me in the months before my release date, and even hosted me on her blog a few times. So of course when she told me the news of her “book twins” I jumped at the chance to let her tell the story. Without further ado, here’s Kelly…


I’ve waited 9 months for this. 

Conceived in October of 2012 (well, a little sooner if you want to be exact. November 2011 is the day the idea scooted from my brain to my fingertips), I’ve waited patiently for my book baby to be born into a paperback.

Okay, that is a smidge of a lie. I sort of waited patiently until March when I finally asked my publisher: “When?”

“Soon.” She wrote back.

Soon came in June.

I’ve waited 9 months for this. 

And like all good things, it came with a surprise. Not just one book baby… but two.



In February 2013, my second book was released. I’ve not waited as long to hold it. Still… this writer wanted to hold her books.

Yeah, I SO cried when I opened the box and my book babies were home (don’t laugh… or judge 😉 ). And I took lots of pictures… and then sold them out into the world.

I sold out the first box in less than four days. Had to re-order and now the orders are flooding in for them.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes to hold books.

I’ve waited 9 months for this. 


Rachel’s faith is tested, stranded in the Smoky Mountains with a guy she barely knows, Asher. She believes in God. His goal is to prove her precious Bible is nothing but a fairy tale. Can he find faith when she needs it most?

Crossing the Deep is available at:


Barnes and Noble




71633997SAINT SLOAN:

Sloan Bridges went from popular girl to social outcast overnight. Her sin? Getting saved.

Trying to move on and not let her former best friend-now tormentor Darcy Perry get to her, Sloan focuses on her eighteenth birthday. The night before, she is brutally attacked in her kitchen by a masked man she can’t recognize. The police have one suspect: Aaron Hunter, mysterious ‘bad boy’ who drove Sloan home that night. Sloan isn’t convinced and starts trusting him. Can Sloan find out who attacked her before he comes back to finish what he started? Did Darcy set up the attack to teach Sloan a lesson? And is Aaron more devious than she ever gave him credit for?

Saint Sloan is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


About Kelly Martin

Kelly is a southern girl who lives with her husband and three rowdy, angelic daughters. By day, she is a teacher. By night, she is a crazy-haired, multi-tasker who writes when the kids go to bed.

Kelly writes what she calls “Young Adult Christian Suspense”. Others call it “Edgy Christian”. Either works for her. She has two novels: Grace Award Winner for Best Young Adult Christian Fiction, CROSSING THE DEEP, and SAINT SLOAN, an Amazon Best Seller. Both can be bought in ebook or paperback (through Amazon.com).

Her third novel, The Deception of Devin Miller, comes out in July.

She loves God, is addicted to chocolate, and would rather write than sleep.

Visit her blog to learn more:  http://www.kellymartinbooks.blogspot.com/

Connect with Kelly on the internet at the following locations:




2 thoughts on ““Book Twins” for Fellow Astraea Author, Kelly Martin

  1. Christi, one of the added benefits of you being published by Astraea is that we can be treated to more of their talented writers.

    Kelly, you are an inspiration and I agree … who needs sleep? Thanks so much for sharing your story with my good friend 🙂

  2. Florence,

    I’ve been slowly adding another day to my blog; Thursdays is when I’ll do any guest posts. I’ve got a few already lined up for July.

    But when it’s time for you to shout the good news to the world you can have any day you want! (So excited for you!)

    Sleep, that’s what non-writers do at night 😀


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