The Death of Our Box Fan, and Some Fun Links

The Corbett household is hot. We don’t have air, and have no hopes of being able to afford air, so we use fans at night. Last night we suffered a major loss: our oldest, bestest fan bit the dust. It’s 45 years old, made of solid metal, we used pliers to turn it off and on due to a broken knob, and when it was put on high speed the noise rivaled that of a small plane engine.

And wow could that thing pull in some cool air!

The new plastic fans just don’t compare.

But, having lived in the midwest for a number of years, the hubby and I are full of tricks to keep cool. My favorite is to soak a washcloth and then lay it flat in the freezer. In fifteen minutes it’s frozen solid and ready to cool down any body part you desire. Make a few of those ahead of time and you’re ready for the hottest part of the day.

Fun link time!

If you’re a published author, you’re going to get good reviews, and bad ones. Here’s a fun article: OMFG A One Star Review?!

Are you writing a book? Here’s an article you’ll enjoy: Seven Reasons Why Writing a Book Makes You A Badass.ย 

How about you? How are you handling the recent heat wave? Any tips to keep cold without air conditioning?


10 thoughts on “The Death of Our Box Fan, and Some Fun Links

  1. Christi … you make me feel so guilty. It’s been two dog ages since I went through any warm season sans cold air. However, memory serves me well and those old fans did do a better job that the newer ones. We had a huge box fan in one window to pull the air through the other rooms.

    I saw an idea on a TV series. Put a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan and it’s supposed to blow cold air.

    Try to stay cool and thanks for the links ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Florence,

      I suspect you need it WAY more than we do. Florida seems to get beastly hot and stays that way for months at a time compared to one or two heat waves we get here in Oregon. It’s more of an inconvenience to us, not a lifestyle to adjust to. And we can always escape to the coast when it gets really bad since we’re only about 50 minutes away.

      I used to work at an frozen yogurt store and was in charge of making the waffle cones. Whew it got hot there, and we used to put a bowl of ice in front of the fan and it worked well. I’d forgotten about that until you mentioned it here so thanks for the great reminder!

      Happy Fourth!


    • Lisa,

      Thanks for visiting, and congrats to you on your Super Spies books! I saw the posting about the Bestseller rank on the author group page… whoo hoo!


  2. You need to have some corn bags in your freezer! They are wonderful and have just enough weight to keep them where you want them. Plus the corn stays cold a bit longer since it has moisture in it. They are wonderful in the winter for the microwave and keeping freezing toes warm at night!

    • Lisa!

      You win the day for best idea! I knew that frozen veggie bags were good for injuries, but I hadn’t ever thought of using them for hot days. And then to use them in the winter to keep toes warm is just pure genius! I wish I’d known that when I was living in Minnesota and Montana…plenty of times my toes were freezing.

      Thanks for visiting!


      • The Corn Bags are actually made of 100% cotton fabric with Actual feed corn in them. You can then use them in the freezer or the microwave. I can send you the directions to make them if you are interested. I have Fibro and have a Rubbermaid bin filled with them for bad days!

        • Oooh, I would LOVE that! I have a sewing machine and know my way around a fabric store (with minimal supervision, but I usually have to bother a employee at least once) so I could make some with only a few bothering emails to you ๐Ÿ™‚

          You can send me the directions to my email address at

          Thanks so much for the offer!


        • Lisa,

          I tried to follow your blog, but it gave a weird message that in summary meant your blog was gone. Is that right?


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