Astraea Press Fan Fest is Today! Contests and Prizes Galore!

I’ve been yapping about the upcoming Astraea Press FanFest for weeks now, and today’s the day!

There are over 50 authors giving away over sixty prizes, with the grand prize being a KINDLE FIRE!

CLICK HERE to enter to win the Kindle Fire (The cut off time is tonight at 9:00pm Pacific Time and you can enter over fifty times!)

The Fan Fest is an all day event, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (Eastern Time), and you can pop in and out throughout the day, enter a few contests, hopefully pick up a few prizes, and best of all meet all the great authors and staff at Astraea Press (who are seeking submissions right now, in case you’re interested ūüôā )

I’ve bolded the names of authors who’ve guest hosted this blog, and if you’d like to chat with me I’m scheduled for 8:00 pm Eastern Time and I’ve got TWO prizes to give away!

List of Participating Astraea Press Authors

(All times are Eastern Time)

9:00 Brenda Maxfield, Karen King, Liz Botts

10:00 Felicia Rogers, J.L. Salter, Catherine Bennett

11:00 J. Andersen, Amy Mullen, Samantha Combs, Michelle Barrow-Belisle, C.C. Troy

12:00 Break

1:00 Sava V. Olds, Lynn Spangler, Tanya Eavenson

2:00 Sherry Gloag, Elaine Cantrell, Ruth. J. Hartman, Lori Crawford

3:00 Kelly Martin, Jennifer Comeaux, Joanne Tropello, Tracy Krauss

4:00 Stephanie Michels, Jennifer Gravely, Patricia Kiyono, Vivian Roycroft

5:00 Calico Daniels, Stephanie Taylor, Kay Springsteen, Lori Lapekes

6:00 Shea Ford, Heather Gray, Kristin Vayden

7:00 Joselyn Vaughn, Ariella Moon, E.A. West, Angie Eads

8:00 Kristin Wallace, Christi Corbett, Lisa Orchard, Leah Sanders

9:00 Iris Blobel, Wendy Knight, J.F. Jenkins, Zanna Mackenzie


CLICK HERE for the link to the Astraea Press Fan Fest…I’d love to see you there!

Fan Fest Logo




2 thoughts on “Astraea Press Fan Fest is Today! Contests and Prizes Galore!

  1. Florence,

    I’m so excited to give away my prizes. One of them is an Oregon Trail themed gift package and it’s got all kinds of goodies in it!

    See you at 8:00pm your time!


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