Are You Considering Creating a Book Trailer?

Last week I found an article about book trailers on the Writer’s Digest site.


The author of the article, Joe Clifford, leads with an interesting assertion that book trailers are the latest craze for indie authors.

Joe also gives an interesting look at what goes into the creation of a book trailer, gives tips about what to consider when making one for your own book, and also makes a great point about trailers aren’t just for movies anymore.

Joe Clifford

And wow does he deliver! It’s easily one of the most amazing book trailers I’ve seen in a long time!

FYI: The subject matter of the trailer is life on the streets as a drug addict, so prepare yourself; some scenes are very vivid, and emotional.  Above all, the trailer did its job because the minute I saw the end credits I was clicking on over to Amazon for a peek at the book sample. Trust me, it didn’t disappoint.

What about you? Have you considered a book trailer for your published, or soon to be published, book? What are your thoughts about book trailers in general…waste of time or good marketing tool?


6 thoughts on “Are You Considering Creating a Book Trailer?

  1. Christi, sadly this hits close to the bone. Great trailer. And the publisher … Battered Suitcase has wonderful books and shorts that are not only a cut above, they are off the beaten-track. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks for helping spread the word, Christi! (And glad you liked the trailer, ramblingsfromtheleft. I know. It’s … harsh. Revisiting those scenes to film was not easy …)

  3. As you know, Christi, I mentioned this very subject on FB the other day! Maybe I was picking up vibes from you. 😉 Actually, my daughter had been for a visit and we were discussing the possibility of putting together a trailer for my new book. They’re a lot of work but kind of fun. It’s a bit tricky with the distance between us, but she’s hoping to get in another visit in August so perhaps I’ll have an idea of what direction I want to go with this one.

    • Laura,

      Great minds think alike! Best wishes on smoothly creating a book trailer for your newest book, and congrats on your latest release too!


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