Keyboard Advice Needed

A few months ago I decided I wasn’t going to shell out for ANOTHER new keyboard simply because the letters had disappeared from a few keys yet again.

And by a few keys, I mean these… E O A S D K L Z X C V N M and the comma and period keys.

So I got out my fancy label maker and put it to work making new key labels. It took nearly an hour, but when I was done I’d labeled each key with the missing letter, and then went a step further and covered each label with a small piece of clear tape on the theory it would last longer.


Now, my keyboard looks like this…



Those white blank squares? That’s where the labels have worn to nothing, and the tape idea wasn’t my brightest because now each blank, white key has a bit of sticky to it as well.

I’ve heard of buying stickers from an office supply store or places on Amazon that are designed to be a step above my label maker idea, but I’m wondering if they would disintegrate too.

How do your keyboard keys look? Have you ever used stickers? How do you keep your letters on your keys? I’d LOVE to hear from you on how you handle this problem. 


4 thoughts on “Keyboard Advice Needed

    • Tania,

      I ordered stickers from Amazon that will cover each of the keys with a new lettered sticker. Here’s to hoping they last longer than a few months 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


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