Guest Post: Kelly Martin

Today’s guest host is Kelly Martin, a fellow Astraea author who is celebrating the release of her latest novel, Big is Beautiful.

Without further ado, here’s Kelly…


Kelly Martin PictureI want to thank Christi for having me on her blog today.

People have asked me how I deal with disappointment– which sort of makes you do a double take and say, “Why, am I a disappointment?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Writing is all about disappointment, stress, and biting your nails down to the quick (or am I the only one?) When you write the first draft of your first book, you doubt and stress over it. When you query agents, you get that lump in your stomach.

You just know that WHEN you get that book deal, the lump will go away.

That’s not the case… sadly.

It’s replaced by new anxieties, fears, worries, stresses. I think it’s like that for anyone who puts themselves out there. It’s scary.

So, why do it? Why sit up late and devote so much time to a book that might not even sell 50 copies? Why send query letters? Why put your heart out there? It’s simple. As a writer, it’s what we do. We create worlds for these characters to live in and it wouldn’t be ‘humane’ to keep them cooped up in either our brain or in our notebooks (if you’ve gotten up the courage to go that far).

Doubt never goes away. Frustration never goes away. There will always be someone who makes us question what in the world we are doing. That’s when you have to remember why you write, why you create worlds, and why you love it so much.ย 

What’s your reason for writing? If you aren’t a writer, do you get stressed out and frustrated at your job? What do you do to push through the self-doubt?


BigIsBeautiful_200x300My newest book has a girl dealing with her own self doubt. Hers isn’t writing. It’s about her lack ofย  math skills and her weight. Brittany is probably one of my favorite characters to write. She’s a lot like me (I have pretty funny inner dialogue too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) With the evil Kendra Moses taunting her relentlessly, Brittany has to decide if she wants to change or accept herself as she is. Personally, I hope she accepts herself. The world would be awfully boring if we were all alike.





Available now.





AUTHOR BIO: Kelly Martin a southern girl who writes… a lot. She is the author of the bestsellers SAINT SLOAN and THE DECEPTION OF DEVIN MILLER. Her first novel, CROSSING THE DEEP, won the Grace Award for best Young adult novel. By day, she is a teacher. By night, she has her hair in a bun and her fingers on a keyboard. She loves God, is addicted to chocolate, and would rather write than sleep. Kelly loves a good mystery and believes in Sherlock Holmes.

You can find her at

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Kelly Martin

  1. I’ve always operated under the assumption that when you stop doubting yourself, you fail. A small amount of doubt, at the very least, keeps you on your toes and striving to do better. The book looks great, Kelly. Happy sales ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I discovered a long time ago that if you act like you know what you’re doing, people will generally believe that you know what you’re doing. Acting like you have all the confidence in the world, though, is a far cry from actually HAVING all that confidence… So if you ever see me, and I look like I know what I’m doing, realize that on the inside, I’m either quaking with fear and doubt, frozen with terror, or have already hyperventilated myself into unconsciousness and my body just hasn’t figured it out yet… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Wonderful post, Kelly! I think writers write because they can’t not write. Every time I swore I was giving up writing, I’d last about a week then go write something in secret. ๐Ÿ™‚

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