“Name a Character in My Next Book” Contest!

Bad guys are so much fun to write. My next book, Tainted Dreams, has got some REALLY bad guys. And I’m giving YOU the opportunity to name one of them!

But first, here’s an excerpt from Tainted Dreams that gives a glimpse of how bad the character you get to name is… (referred to below as NAME)


Kate lay in her hiding spot powerless to do anything to stop them. She only had a stiletto knife, and hadn’t time to grab it when she scurried under the bed like a cornered animal.

“Where did she go? I was hoping to have a taste of something sweet.” Kate’s eyes widened as she finally placed the voice as NAME‘s.

“Hey!” She recognized the voice of OTHER BAD GUY as it boomed across the cabin. “He ain’t paying us to hurt her, just to tear things up and scare her.”


“We headin to the stable next?” asked NAME.

“Nah, let’s get out of here before anyone gets nosy, especially the one he warned us about.”

“Who Jake Fitzpatrick? He don’t scare me none,” said NAME.

“Me neither, but all the same let’s get out of here.”

Kate lay motionless as the two men left, and didn’t move until she heard their horse’s hooves pounding up the hillside.


Entering the contest is EASY!

1. Take a picture of the cover of my book, Along the Way Home in a “Western” setting. (You can use either the print or ebook version)

2. Post the picture on one social media site (Facebook, Blog, Twitter, etc…)

3. Email the picture and a link to the social media site to me at christicorbett@gmail.com by October 1st, 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Here’s your competition…otherwise known as THE ONLY ENTRY SO FAR!

First entry


Who are the judges? My 8 year old twins are the judges of this contest (no way could I pick the winner since I know you all) and they have a great sense of humor, and a even greater appreciation of the arts. So, be funny or “arty”, because both have an equal chance.

When is the winner announced? Winner will be announced during my belated release party on October 3rd.  Hey, are you coming to the party? No? Well, here’s the link 🙂

Along the Way Home Party! Lots of fun games, tons of prizes, a few sneak peeks into the sequel, Tainted Dreams, and of course announcing the winner of the “Name a Character” contest.

I don’t have the print book, only an e-book version. How do I participate? Easy! Simply cue up the book cover onto your ereader and use it like you would a print book.

How many times can I enter? Twice (someone said they had two great ideas for pictures and I’m all about showing creativity!) but you’ll still need to post each picture on your social media and send them to me separately.

Best wishes on the contest, and I’ll be watching for your entry!


14 thoughts on ““Name a Character in My Next Book” Contest!

      • I love those names! *ponders working in the name “Scooby” into an 1843 Historical Western Romance. Realizes I’m up to the challenge*


        • Yes, and he did it all for Scooby snacks!
          Okay. You want us to place your book cover in a new context and take a photo of that new arrangement. Correct?
          Just want to be sure I’m not expending brain cells on the wrong project.

    • Jeff,

      Yep, it’s got to be the cover of the actual book (print or ebook version).

      My twins are the judges (they’re eight years old) so think of that when creating the “Western Setting” for the picture.

      IT doesn’t have to be a historical setting either, just “Western”. And they LOVE Scooby Doo so maybe you’re on to something there… didnt’ Scooby solve mysteries in old abandoned mines and western ghost towns?


  1. If I took pictures & posted them worth a darn-!
    Thinking Mutt for name, so you’d have Mutt & Jeff. Who needs a comma. Sorry, I always read “out loud” in my head, and that tells me where I’d put commas.
    Hope you get lots of great entries. 🙂

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