Guest Host: Ruth Hansen

Today’s guest is Ruth Hansen. Once I found out she’s a writer pursuing publication I asked her to share her story, and she kindly agreed.

After you read this post, make sure to check out her blog at

Without further ado, here’s Ruth…


Thank you, Christi, for having me on your blog. And congratulations on your success!
When I got your email I happened to be googling, “How long should I wait before following up with an agent on a query letter?” The answer hadn’t changed since I checked earlier that day, so I did what I’ve been doing for the past five years. I waited.
I’d like to say I’ve been waiting patiently for my work to grow up and find someone special, but that would be some crazy fiction. In reality, my writing journey has been a lot like high school. I started off bold, confident and completely naïve. My little virgin queries thought they could dance on the first edit. Instead, I sat home alone waiting for the phone to ring. I sought validation in anyone who’d give me a little read here and there. I even considered (gulp) a vanity press.
Thankfully, I respected my story and settled in for a proper education. I attended classes and did my homework, studied books on writing and read just to read. I joined a writer’s group and went to workshops and conferences. Countless hours online also helped me learn about the industry and the craft.
Through years of editing and watching my story grow, my lack of patience has been a tool. I found I can use it to swing wild and tear down my dream or work on building a solid foundation. So, even if it takes another five years- or longer, I’ll keep working and building. When I finally get my story published, I’m going to be ready to dance.
Good luck out there folks. I’d love to hear from you. What are some tools you use?

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