Genre Choice, 69 Chevelle, and Daisies

Today I’m over at The Heart of Romance Blog.

I’m chatting about why I chose to be a writer, why I write in the genre I do, and answering a lot of other fun questions. Plus, my twins happened to wander in the room when I was doing the interview so I let them answer a question too…you’ll find out what car my son would be if he was a car and my daughter’s favorite flower 🙂

I’d love for you to stop by!


2 thoughts on “Genre Choice, 69 Chevelle, and Daisies

  1. Believe it or not, even though I had a google account, I was blocked from leaving a comment. Loved the post and learned something new about you.

    I’ve lived in NY, NJ and Florida and I would pick the Pacific NW because it’s the only place in the US where the ocean meets the mountains 🙂

    Pass this on to Sherry with my thanks 🙂

    • Florence,

      Ugh, this commenting trouble is getting old. I have no clue why it won’t let you comment, and just yesterday the “post comment” box disappeared for a while for me so I couldn’t reply to comments I’d gotten here. Technology is great…until it isn’t 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


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