How to Irritate a Writer

I stumbled across this fantastic list online the other day and had to share…

14 Ways to Tick Off a Writer

Any of these bother you? Have you experienced any?


7 thoughts on “How to Irritate a Writer

  1. Well that gave me a good chuckle. lol

    On a serious note, asking me what my latest novel about gives me a nervous tick. It bothers me specifically because people never quite understand the answer without a hugely detailed explanation, which I don’t want to give because it makes me feel like I’m more invested in the answer than they were in the question, and so inevitably I end up saying something like, “Uh…zombies. It’s about zombies.”

    • Tracey,

      You could add on all kinds of unrealistic awesomeness to the zombies part and then watch their reactions.

      “It’s about zombies who decide that the only thing they want in this entire earth is a certain type of cereal, that’s only sold in a really small town in North Dakota, but it’s the middle of winter so the zombies have to wear coats, hats, and gloves, which makes them blend in with the other bundled up people and no one is scared of them anymore. Anyway, they walk through town, looking for this cereal, and then…”

      I’d loooove to see someone’s reaction 🙂


    • Laura,

      I have one to add to the list. During a recent event someone picked up my book, flipped to the middle, read for a page or two and then announced the major spoiler to the entire storyline to the entire crowd.

      I was STUNNED, especially since this person claimed to be a author too. My husband came up to the table seconds after this and said he could tell by my face that something pretty serious had just happened because I was giving this person the serious stank eye.


      • Don’t blame you, Christi. Wow! That’s really unbelievable. Perhaps a bit of jealousy on that other author’s part. We don’t like to talk about it, but it does exist..Still….

    • Florence,

      I love when people do #13 by first asking what the book is about, listening to my practiced pitch, and then announce proudly that they don’t read. Ever.

      So hard not to roll my eyes, both at how they wasted my time and at how sad I am for them that they don’t read. They are missing out on so much!


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