Snow, Ice, and Frozen Washing Machine Hoses

Today is the fourth day school has been cancelled. Last Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and now today. Tomorrow and Friday aren’t looking any better because a new storm is threatening to dump icy rain everywhere, making our treacherous roads even worse.

Our washing machine hoses are frozen so laundry is piling up, my son ran out of socks so he’s wearing mine, and we had to get a garbage bag from our neighbors because we’d run out.

However, due to good insulation our house is warm and cozy, we have plenty of food, and my hubby’s car has 4 wheel drive, so this is more like a little fun adventure than a serious inconvenience.

I leave you with a hilarious, but oh so true, picture I found this week…



How about you? Any weather concerns where you live? Are you a fan of this tub of popcorn?

4 thoughts on “Snow, Ice, and Frozen Washing Machine Hoses

  1. Remind me to come bunk with you for the winter!!! Virginia is no fun at all when the white stuff starts falling. Mostly because it’s never actually ‘white stuff’ it’s ice. Or water that hits the ground and then freezes into ice. On everything. *sigh*

    When I was a kid, we got just snow, and everything seemed to be able to handle it. Now, the craziness of other people has eventually turned ME into a fearful nut because EVERY time I end up having to drive in the snow, I get caught up by people going too slow/too fast/totally reckless/stop-at-the-base-of-hillers/or some such. You take your life in you hands not because of the weather conditions, but because of the other people out in them.

  2. Artemis,

    I haven’t driven since the first flake hit the ground; not because I don’t know how to drive on snow/ice (I lived in Minnesota for five years and Montana for two) but because I’m stunned at the stupidity of drivers here in Oregon.

    Full speed and following one car length behind another is the norm. It’s stunning to watch! Little surprise there were over 300 car accidents on last Friday alone.

    Did you ever blow bubbles when it gets so cold? Did you know they explode? It’s super fun πŸ™‚

    Thanks for visiting


  3. Christi, I can’t say that I miss the snow and ice of the winter months. Sometimes I’d love to visit snow, but not for too long.

    It takes every ounce of control to keep from buying several of those cans of pop corn. I lie to myself that I’m doing it because I love the cans for storage and they are toooooooo cute … but the truth is I am a nut over the flavors of the pop corn and can’t stop until the whole can is empty πŸ™‚

    • Florence,

      Hubby and I were talking about how this brief snow visit reminds us of when we lived in Minnesota, and how we really don’t miss shoveling for six months out of the year πŸ™‚


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