Storms and Power Outages Oh My!

Last week I didn’t write any posts here on the blog, which is VERY unusual for me since I’m a hard-core stickler for posting Tuesdays and Fridays.

Why no posts?

Massive storms ripped through our part of Oregon, leading to high winds, ice-covered powerlines and trees, and ultimately power outages. A branch fell through the roof of our gazebo and our backyard is littered with larger branches. A tree fell at the entrance to our cul-de-sac but thankfully it was small enough that it only blocked half the entrance so we could get in and out. All over town fallen branches and trees disrupted normal routines, and we got nearly eight inches of snow (I lived in Minnesota so I know that isn’t a large amount, but for west coasters it’s HUGE) and then a powerful ice storm hit.

Unpictured: A massive section of the branch sticking out of the top of the roof. It looked like our gazebo had deer antlers!

Unpictured: A massive section of the branch sticking out of the top of the roof. It looked like our gazebo had deer antlers!

All this meant no school for the kiddos, who didn’t mind the disruption at all because it meant “camping” in front of the fireplace. We hung a blanket over the hallway entrance and closed off the rest of the house so our living room stayed warm and cozy. To their complete delight, the beast dog slept on his back with his legs in the air between them, and even our cat pried herself from her usual spot on our bed (no power meant our room was chilly and she loves warmth) and spent time with us in a curled up ball on the back of the couch.

Huge Dog

Now, while our twins found all the disruption to be a big adventure, me and the hubby–who got the short straw and spent time outside warming soup on the camping stove–missed our power, but enjoyed seeing how much fun our twins were having. So much in fact they were actually disappointed when the power came back on.

Now the Corbett kids are at a grand total of NINE snow/storm days out of school this year. Yesterday was Presidents Day, a traditional no school day for most American children but mine spent they day making up their first “snow” day.

What about you? Any fond memories of family fun during power outages?

4 thoughts on “Storms and Power Outages Oh My!

  1. You were missed. Love this , Christi. It reminds me of one of the major power outages in the NE due to Con Ed grids failing. One caused a mess on the subways as it hit during rush hour. But with the second one I was living in Brooklyn with the two kids. I put candles all over the place … romantic and lovely.

    As for snow storms … My son of course, had a ball as he always did during heavy snow. He came in to change and eat and was off again to do battle with the elements and five other rowdy boys. My daughter was upset that she couldn’t go to her day care classes, but quickly fell in love with a kid on the first floor and was off in her Dr. Dentons (she was three and tiny/tiny πŸ™‚

    Great idea to heat on the outdoor grill. Here in Florida … hurricane central … I keep a butane range so I can cook indoors. So far I haven’t had to use it πŸ™‚

    • Florence,

      The snow was beautiful and we spent a lot of time at the windows just watching it fall, covering everything with a soft coating of potential fun πŸ™‚

      I think our campstove was powered by small canisters of propane so we had to use it outside. I like the idea of indoor cooking much better.

      Kiddos are still talking about the fun times in front of the fireplace and they’re hoping for another outage soon.

      Happy writing!


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