Advice Needed

I’m looking into getting a laptop and haven’t a clue where to start. I know one thing, that I don’t want the Apple kind (Mac?), but aside from that I’m clueless. 

What brand do you recommend? What brand should I stay away from? What programs/features are vital to have on a writer’s laptop?


9 thoughts on “Advice Needed

  1. There are a couple of questions you have to ask yourself when purchasing a computer. The number one is ‘what is the primary purpose of this computer?’ you answered this by saying you want to write. There are other questions but I’m going to work off of that. Writing doesn’t take a lot of resources on a modern computer. A duo core processor and 2-4 gigs of ram. You can’t play games on this setup but its great for surfing and browsing and writing. Every other option will not effect the performance just the capabilities. So a HDD <500gb. shop at tigerdirect and get a refurbished laptop. a full blown desktop is overkill for writers and a quad core video card laptop is also overkill. There isn't any difference at your level of computer usage that it really doesn't matter what brand and model you get. i would shop for specs not brand if i were you. the specs i gave you is for a good student/office/writing computer. you can play videos and watch youtube, Netflix etc, but your not going to be able to play World of Warcraft or League of Legends. Hope this helps….and good job for staying away from Macs. Macs proprietary hardware allows for the software to read absolute values where windows will read variables, this allows more colors to be processed. Macs are great tools for visual artists. Thats about it. if you are not designing print art then its just an expensive paper weight. p.s. for the purpose of writing i would not spend anymore than $400-$450 on a laptop.

  2. as far as programs, the LibreOffice suite is sooooooooo much better/powerful then microsoft or apples office. as part of the GNU license, its free to use forever. free doesnt mean bad, those days are long behind us.

  3. I’m no help either, especially since I’m a total Mac girl, but I don’t rebut any of the anti-Mac statements made by Shinpun. It’s all true, I just love them, and most importantly, I’m super comfortable with them. But there are dozens of much less expensive options that would be perfect for writing.

  4. I can’t tell you much about features, but I have an HP laptop and I love it. It’s pretty light, easy to type on and holds the charge for decent time. Good luck, I felt the same when trying to pick one….

  5. I’ve always used a good old standard Dell. I primarily use my laptop for writing and internet research, so I don’t need all the fancy gadgets – I have a desktop for that. My Dell is a latitude, and I’ve had it for six years. I did spend a bit when I first purchased it, but I like things that last a good long time, so it was worth the investment. I did upgrade to Office 10, but I still operate it with XP, and I love it. When I do upgrade, it will be another Dell latitude. Again, I use it only for writing and internet research. Good luck! This seems to be a question many authors ask about.

  6. Thank you all SO MUCH for your input!

    Now I’ll throw one more question out there related to this…I live in a super small town (one stoplight kind of small) so I have to head to “the big city” to shop and don’t want to waste time when I do, so I’m wondering what store would be good to purchase at? I’m thinking Best Buy? Staples?

  7. I would stay with Staples or Office Depot . Best Buy is higher cost for same items and the company keeps closing stores–not a good sign. I recommend buying one with enough ram and bytes to allow you to do things later on that you do not think you will want. If you have the space and speed you can do more with the laptop than just write. This comes from personal experience. I use a Dell laptop from work and U.M. has a Toshiba which I really like for personal use. I really like H.P. products as I have always had good experience with them.

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