It’s almost here!

One of my favorite days of the year is fast approaching, April Fools Day!

Today I’m rerunning last year’s April Fools Day post for two reasons: my twins are on spring break so I don’t have a lot of time alone to concentrate on a new post, and after you read the following repost I’m wondering if you have any ideas of tricks to play?


I love April Fools Day and always have. This is due to my mom’s plethora of tricks she played on my brother and I each year; the two I recall best are dumping piles of uncooked rice between the mattress and the bottom sheet, and removing my dresser drawer and putting it back in upside down so all the clothes fall to the floor the next time it’s opened.

So now I’m following in her footsteps, and showing the Corbett twins what practical jokes are all about.

First, I did the nail polish trick and accused them both of the spill. It was all in good fun and they loved it!

So, then I proceeded on to the brownie trick.

Thankfully, I had some real brownies on hand so they weren’t too disappointed :D.

I also made them some special juice to go along with dinner (hint, it’s Jello! Thanks to Vanessa for the idea!)


And then I finished off the day with the classic trick, short-sheeting the bed.

How about you? Did you play any tricks? Get fooled by anyone?

5 thoughts on “It’s almost here!

    • Nice! That’s a great one! Did you get to see his face when he made the call? That would have been fun to watch him first think he’d dialed wrong and then dial again 😀


  1. My sister got married on April Fool’s day (my mom clung to the fact it was also Good Friday) and we were all afraid my BIL would not show up to marry her. Fortunately he did show up.

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