Hoarding Words

I have a confession to make.

Though I try, I simply cannot throw words away.

Nope. Can’t do it.

I have draft after draft all saved. I have “Alternates to X Draft” filled with beautiful prose, but not so good it made the final cut.

When I’m troubled by a particular passage/sentence/paragraph I save every version, then torture myself by revisiting it later, polishing it up, then changing my final draft to whatever I’ve just whipped up.

How about you? How do you go from draft to draft? Do you just overwrite the older version with the new, or create an entirely new version and work on that one?



10 thoughts on “Hoarding Words

  1. This picture is so funny!! It looks like my office! I try to write one whole draft first, then when reading it through on the computer, I highlight the sections that need to be changed or revised. After the read through, I go to each section make my changes and save the new draft as new document. I find it hard to delete words or sections that don’t make the cut!

  2. Good grief, Charlie Brown. I mean for real, Christi. I save every version of every sentence or paragraph. I have dozens of versions of some, most of which I’ll never use BUT YOU NEVER KNOW. I always start a new doc and save the last version as a whole. Then I toddle back and forth between docs of notes and save everything I am changing.

    Are we nuts ?? Well, I am 🙂

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