Writing Quote Friday

Today’s quote comes from Stephen King…

“I am always chilled and astonished by the would-be writers who ask me for advice and admit, quite blithely, that they “don’t have time to read.” This is like a guy starting up Mount Everest saying that he didn’t have time to buy any rope or pitons.” 

4 thoughts on “Writing Quote Friday

  1. Writers do need to realize just how important reading is. Many non-writers ask me how I find time to read. But where there’s a will there’s a way. If it wasn’t so important I probably wouldn’t bother. Great quote, Christi!

    • Laura,

      I was at my critique group last week and one of the members insisted he didn’t have time to read. I wondered if he realized how important reading is to a writer?

      *eyes my 4 floor to ceiling bookshelves*


    • Florence,

      I love King’s quotes too. I think the majority of my Friday quotes are from him, because they always make so much sense to me.

      Thanks for visiting!


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