Keyboard Trouble

I spill coffee on my keyboard like it’s my job, so my keyboard is always a splotchy mess.

The other day I got sick of it and pried up one of the keys, cleaned underneath, and then figured I’d keep going.

Big mistake.

My space bar is now making a clattering noise each time I hit it. It’s so loud the pets are staring at me because they’re likely having trouble sleeping over all the noise.

How do you clean your keyboard?


18 thoughts on “Keyboard Trouble

  1. Compressed air for me, although I’ll admit that that really only works for dry stuff like crumbs and dust. I don’t think you’d really be able to clean up splotchy dried liquid messes any other way than what you described. :\

    • My kind of crud is long past a quick puff of air *sigh*

      Looks like a new keyboard is in my future. I love the idea of blowing on it for good luck!


  2. Lazy dolt that I am, Christi, I usually cave in and buy a new one. I use the darn things so much that the major keys begin to fade. The “e” is the first to go. Once I am down to not being able to distinguish more than five of them, or once the board gets so crusty … I toss it and for fifteen big ones … but another.

    So … to answer your question. I don’t actually clean it. I shake it up-side-down and pound out the debris … but mostly I just get another one and start torturing the new one 🙂

    • I really like this particular keyboard so I’m trying my best to save it. I’ve bought the stickers that cover the worn out keys and like how those worked out, and now I’m hoping to fix the space bar issue. Or, get used to the super loud “clank” noise it makes every time I hit it.


  3. You should be able to buy compressed air somewhere like Best Buy or Office Depot. Also, you could get one of those silicone keyboard covers. That’s what I finally did. It feels a little strange at first, but once you get used to it, you don’t even notice. And it’ll keep out splashes and crumbs (and in my case cat hair from the feline ‘writers’ of the family) and when you want to clean it, you just peel it up and wash it, let it dry and plop it back down.

    • A,

      I’m a very fast, and very hard typer (slap those keys!) so I’m wondering if when I hit one key the other ones around it would get pulled down too? Have you had that happen?

      We’ve got Beast Dog and Fat Cat and my keyboard splashes tend to attract their hair too. Basically, my keyboard is a disgusting mess 🙂


      • I type fast (well, I’m sure I don’t set any records, but I type fast) but I’ve always been a ‘light touch’ typer because I’ve always had laptops with low profile keys. That said, when I first got the silicone cover, I had to learn to hit the keys HARDER because I’d been diddling along with feather fingers and with the silicone, the keys weren’t as sensitive. So I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with other keys getting pulled down or anything. At the same time, I haven’t had any trouble with the cover moving even when I’m thundering along. Your fingers might feel as though they’re sticking to the keys when it’s brand new, but that goes away the more you type.

        • Thanks for the great tip! When I move on from “clattering” space bar keyboard I’ll have to give the cover a shot 🙂


    • Beth,

      I’ve never heard of eKlenz before. I usually use qtips and rubbing alcohol when it gets super grimy…are the cleaners you mentioned like bleach wipes?


      • Hi Christi,

        They are premoistened like a wipe but they are special cut foam that cleans between the keys. They are super convenient. I’ve bought them on and Amazon.

        • Between the keys is where all the dust and gross lives on my keyboard, so I’m DEFINITELY going to try these out. Thanks for the tip!


  4. I used to buy compressed air, I think my kids told me about it. Haven’t done that in like forever. The kids have moved out quite a few years ago. Hmmm. Maybe I should pick some up!

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