Book-Themed Birthday Cake and Quilt

To me, the absolute best part of being a writer is connecting with readers who enjoy my writing. Since the release of Along the Way Home I’ve chatted with many readers, and I love it!

Two of my favorite readers are Heather Garcia and Michelle Naquin. They were two of the first to contact me after the book released to say they enjoyed it, and they do the most creative things to show their support of me, and many other writers.

Like making me this, which I LOVE!

Keep Calm and Read Christi Corbett

And just yesterday they did it again!

Look at this wonderful cake Michelle Naquin made for Heather Garcia’s birthday! It features books by her favorite authors, and Along the Way Home is one of them. I’m so honored to be included with authors Rachel Van Dyken, Kristin Vayden, and Nadine Millard!

cake full

cake along the way home

And, there’s a quilt too! It has Heather’s favorite authors, books, and series by Rachel Van Dyken, Kristin Vayden, and Christi Corbett. (My book cover is the second one down on the far right side)

along the way home quilt


Aren’t those AMAZING?!!!


8 thoughts on “Book-Themed Birthday Cake and Quilt

    • Karen,

      How’s your writing coming along? Are you on the second book? Hear from your editor? I’m so excited for you!

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