Writing Fun Friday, and the County Fair

Weird Al created the perfect song for word geeks…and I love it!!!


Book Signing News

Look for me at the Lane County Fair this Sunday, July 27th. I’ll be signing my book, Along the Way Home, from 11-1 at the “Oregon Authors” table between the two exhibit halls.

I’ve got candy to give away and fun quizzes about the Oregon Trail, so stop on by! (Extra bonus if you bring me my favorite fair food, a corn dog )

What about you? What’s your favorite “fair food”?

Click on the link for a full list of all attending authors (I’m about 1/3 down the list)Β http://www.atthefair.com/Oregon-Authors/


6 thoughts on “Writing Fun Friday, and the County Fair

  1. OMG going to a county fair AND getting to see you signing books is more awesome than I can readily articulate! I’m crying that I’m stuck on the other side of the country 😦

    CORN DOGS!!! I literally have ordered corn dogs to go at my local fair and had the guy wrap them up in foil. Done the same with meat pies at the Highland Games Festival.

    • I never thought of getting them to go…brilliant! Same with Humbows (not sure if that’s the right way to spell it?) when I go to Pike Place Market in Seattle. Those are the best!

      Wish you could be here for the fair too, but I’ll send pictures πŸ™‚


  2. Oh my gosh, what if you get ten corn dogs?! I hope the signing is wonderful fun. Btw, I the Weird Al video is very funny. I always hesitate to laugh at people’s grammar skills though, in case they start scrutinizing my math skills. :/

    • Monica,

      Check out Artemis’ comment above…perhaps I should bring some foil?

      Your comment makes me think Weird Al should do a song about math, my skills are not the best either so I’d have another song to love πŸ™‚


  3. Christi, how I wish I could fly there to be with you. But then you and I are always wanting to fly somewhere, aren’t we? Have a grant time and sell, sell, sell πŸ™‚

    PS: That Weird Al video is a hoot !!!

    • Florence,

      Someday we’ll meet, hopefully in New York so you can be the best tour guide. Or, maybe you come out west and we meet in Seattle and have a very fun few days!

      Weird Al released a new video every day last week, have you seen any of the others?


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