Another Movie about Writers Writing

A while back I did a blog post about writing and author-themed movies (CLICK HERE for the post), and now I’ve found a new one to add to the list.

Authors Anonymous centers around a group of writers who belong to the same critique group, and what happens when one member finds success. Rejections, stalking literary agents, and much more writing fun is featured in this movie.

I highly recommend!

CLICK HERE for the movie trailer…

4 thoughts on “Another Movie about Writers Writing

  1. Christi, that is so funny and so true. About five years ago, I tried a second local writer’s group. One of the members published with one of the Big Six and it bent everyone in half and then in half again. I quit that group and stayed with my original locals, who I love dearly. BTW … she is on her fifth book of a series !!

    Your theme reminded me of Throw Mama Off the Train … when Billy Crystal’s ex becomes a major success without trying so he decides to have her “knocked off” … Fun and funny 🙂

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