Oh Captain, My Captain

Today, I feature my favorite lines from one of Robin Williams’ best movies, Dead Poets Society

woo women


CLICK HERE for a full list of Robin Williams movie and television roles.


7 thoughts on “Oh Captain, My Captain

    • Artemis,

      I LOVE that movie! Saw it in the theater, and was stunned when the accident took his life. My first thought as that scene unfolded was how in the world would the wife survive yet another tragedy.


      • That was one of the things I love best about that movie. It left me breathless and gasping at every turn, and then when it was over, I couldn’t even say whether or not I liked it because I was still so shocked and raw. Afterward, I came to the understanding that I LOVED it for this very reason.

    • Tania,

      Right there with you on the tears, except for me it was the bench/monologue scene from “Good Will Hunting”. Such talent!


    • RR,

      I just woke up to the news Lauren Bacall passed away yesterday. As I’m typing this the news is running a montage of her roles and giving her life story, an amazing woman indeed!


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