Back to School!!!

This is a repost from last year, but still just as good…especially the commercial ­čÖé


Today my twins went back to school.

The following video┬ácaptures my complete joy at this event ­čÖé

And this picture details what I will be doing with my kid-free time.

drink coffee make stuff up

How about you? Anything new scheduled for your days now that Autumn is upon us?

2 thoughts on “Back to School!!!

  1. Oh, Christi. That is one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a long time. It does capture the emotions of both parents and kids this time of year. I used to skip back from the camp bus when my kids when to sleep-away for eight weeks. The saddest time was when they were teens and refused to go anymore. Oh, well. Now I don’t have those days anymore and honestly, I don’t miss them ­čÖé

    Glad we are both back on track. Me, back on the net, and you, back to the boards. Good writing to my friend. See you are the fly !!!

  2. This summer was such fun that I found myself not wanting it to end, but I know they need the education and I need to get back to work. First day was bittersweet, and of course I got a little teary in the car on the way home (the hubby and I always drive them to school for the first day pictures and to see their desks and meet the teacher) as I usually do, but it’s a good thing. What surprised me most was their nonchalant attitude of us being there, and saying “bye” when it was time to go. They are growing up ­čśÇ


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