Never Forget

On September 11, 2001 I had been at my new job with a CBS affiliate in Minnesota for only a few weeks.

Minutes after arriving at work someone burst into my department (Creative Services—the people who make commercials) telling everyone a plane had hit the Twin Towers. We carried on with our normal activities (breaking news is nothing new to television station employees and it was thought to just be a horrible accident). Then, when news broke that a second plane flown directly into a tower I went into the newsroom.

When the plane hit the Pentagon I returned to my department and urged everyone to come into the newsroom since there was still a plane in the air (the one that would ultimately go down in Pennsylvania).

Television stations get live feeds from New York and I’ll never forget standing in front of the wall of screens watching everything unfold. Alarms from New York blared horrific updates, and because New York took control of the airwaves we had nothing to do but sit and watch.

I saw, and heard, all the live feeds from photogs on the ground (things that weren’t let out to the public) and it was horrible. As crazy as it sounds, what you all saw on your tv was the “sanitized” version of what photogs were capturing.

On this anniversary let us never forget the events of that day, the bravery of the first responders, and above all, please keep those who lost their lives forefront in our hearts.


2 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Christi, I wish I had been home yesterday. Had a power outage and never got back until very late. I am so touched my your story.

    I was already in SoFla by that day, but I had the habit of slogging out to get coffee and sit by the TV to watch the Today show. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The sight of those planes hitting the World Trade Center will never be gone. Something inside of me died. The belief that we were safe from such things, the sight of the Twin Towers gone … never, never will I forget.

    Thanks so much for this homage, Florence );

    • Thank you, Florence.

      I hope that one day we can visit New York together, and during the tour of the city where you show me everything we stop by the memorial.


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