Young Entrepreneurs, School Fundraising Fiascos, & Parental PTSD

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I was a BORN entrepreneur, and blessedly was a child of the 70s and 80s. I always had a business from the time I was four. My first venture? Selling my “art.” I got a Spirograph for Christmas and two types of paper, regular and legal. I’d spend hours crafting my original designs and then set out door-to-door (after cartoons and Sesame Street ended). Legal-size art was .15, regular was .5. Or you could buy all I’d made and I’d promise to go away for $1.

You KNOW you had one... You KNOW you had one…

Once little brother came along, this increased my workforce. We washed cars, weeded gardens, trimmed hedges, picked up dog poop and at the end of the day, I’d split all we’d made 50/50. Our most profitable venture involved hoeing up crabgrass for $5 a bag. There is a LOT of crabgrass in SW…

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2 thoughts on “Young Entrepreneurs, School Fundraising Fiascos, & Parental PTSD

  1. Christi, you little hustler you 🙂 Me too. Started doing errands for neighbors in second grade. Was paid in empties which I cashed in on Friday to make movie money for Saturday. Haven’t stopped since. I was a VERY hyper kid so my mom gave me dozens of chores and hobbies. Same age, started making all my X-mas gifts and now I have two shops on Etsy.

    I guess when we’re born nuts, we stay nuts 🙂

    • Florence,

      I sold candy bars for fundraisers and did lots of odd jobs to raise money, but this isn’t my post. I “reblogged” it from Kristen Lamb’s blog. Have you checked her out? She’s got a great blog, chock full of writing advice and fun family stories.


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