Pray for Pilchuck

Just a quick update to say that my blog is still on a break while I scramble to make my deadline to Astraea Press.

On a different note, some of you may not know that I was born and raised in Marysville, Washington, and graduated from Marysville-Pilchuck High School. While I no longer live in Marysville, my parents and many close friends still do, and I visit several times a year.

Watching my friends’ timelines on Facebook that fateful day was absolutely heartbreaking, as many of them now have children at that school, and many couldn’t immediately locate their children.

Please take a moment and pray for everyone dealing with this tragic event, especially for those still fighting for their lives in the hospital.

Also, I ask that you also pray for parents who are struggling to explain the events to their younger children.



4 thoughts on “Pray for Pilchuck

  1. It seems the US and Canada have had more than their fill of devastating news! Saying a prayer for all those affected by the Marysville school shooting and all those who continue to be affected by the Military shootings here in Canada last week causing the death of two very beloved soldiers attacked by nothing short of terrorist actions. Hang in there!! We will both meet our deadlines!!!

  2. Christi, there are no adequate words to say that can communicate what we feel when these tragedies occur. Our craft leaves us wordless and senseless.

    I will keep your town in my thoughts. I send my thoughts to my Higher Power as I know it to be … to use those thoughts as a fervent prayer that we can find a light in this darkness … and a wish for all of us that one day we can see an end to the sorrow.

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