I’m Back…and I Brought Fun Meme’s!

friday high five

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted here on the blog, because I’ve been hard at work whipping my next book, Tainted Dreams, into shape. Now that it’s done and with my publisher, Astraea Press, I’m back at the blog and hard at work on my next book.

I’m thrilled to announced that my publisher has set a tentative release date for Tainted Dreams…May of 2015!

Which means edits and galleys are coming for me over the next two months…

Editing through a kid's eyes

Easy reading is hard writing

editor cat

How about you? How have you been?


14 thoughts on “I’m Back…and I Brought Fun Meme’s!

  1. Christi, first … this is my first week back also. I’ll be blogging again the first week of February.

    Second and more exciting and important is the new book. Congrats … I can’t wait. Keep it up.

    Ah yes, during my break … no … I’ll save that for my post 🙂

    • Great minds think alike when returning to their blogs I see 😉

      I was wondering when you’d be starting yours up again. I’m excited to read about your break!


  2. I’m so excited “Tainted Dreams” will soon be published!! I’ve been waiting for that good news for a long time!! If it is half as good as the first one it will be well worth the wait!!

    • Nicole,

      It’s good to be back, I’ve been scrambling the past two months and now it’s nice to take a few deep breaths. How have you been?


        • Nicole,
          Be sure to check out the phenomenal (and free!) site for keeping track of queries and discovering agents/publishers. It’s called querytracker and it’s seriously useful to organize yourself on every aspect of querying. I used it (and tracked all my 70+ rejections 🙂 ) and it’s great!


      • Things are going great! My second book came out in 2013 and I’ working on another. I’m a slow writer, trying to fir in writing time with work. Usually winter is my time to accomplish more in the writing arena. I hope this winter is too!

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