Christian Grey is Abusive, a Stalker, and a Rapist

For those of you planning to see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, I encourage you to first read the following article that chronicles the abusive/stalking/rapist behavior of Christian toward Anastasia, chapter by chapter.

Yes, I’ve read the book. Yes, I understand what BDSM is, and this book is definitely not a correct depiction of that lifestyle (It’s been proven beyond a doubt the books don’t depict the true BDSM lifestyle because many of the safeguards aren’t respected: safe word, limits that are set and respected, absolutely no plying with alcohol, etc…)

I believe Christian needs to be called out for what he really is—instead of shrouding his behavior as simply showing a relationship under the BDSM lifestyle—Christian is abusive, a stalker, and he’s a rapist.

The article below is very informative, and eye opening to the naive about the true nature of the books, and likely the movie.

Read the article, Fifty Abusive Moments in Fifty Shades of Grey


12 thoughts on “Christian Grey is Abusive, a Stalker, and a Rapist

  1. I am just flabbergasted by the amount of people who think the books are a ‘great romance story’ and who can’t wait to see the movie. Seriously, our society is screwed up when it comes to understanding what the word consent means!

    • I thought you’d agree with this sentiment, Karen. It must be horrific to see and hear all the swooning going on about this movie in light of your job. Thank you for being there to assist women who need it!

  2. I haven’t read the books, so I’ve refrained from commenting, but I have read a lot of articles similar to the one you link to here and it makes me really, really sad that women are flocking to this in such large numbers.

  3. I only read the first half (maybe) of the first book. It was horrible and will not be seeing the movie. It’s crazy how many people are so excited to see it. I’m honestly not interested.

  4. Wendy and Tania,

    I cringe every time I see women on Facebook talking about how excited they are to see the movie, how much they enjoyed the books, and how they’re getting a bunch of friends together to see the movie at the same time. And don’t even get me started on the RIDICULOUS amount of news coverage this movie is getting from supposedly reputable outlets like Good Morning America and the Today Show. I understand networks like E and shows like Entertainment Tonight, but to have to see interviews during my morning news viewing time is making me cringe, and then be irate.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

  5. Christi … didn’t read the books … have no interest in the movie.

    About the coverage … I am not surprised.The book was greeted as the next coming of Anais Nin and it is anything but. It’s all about tickling that part of people to open their wallets and does little to open minds.

    The true nature of this side of sexuality has been warped in our modern society. I personally owned Nin and a great illustrated copy of the Karma Sutra and they are vastly different from what is written today.

    I bet you are surprised that this ex-hippie liberal is down on 50 Shades. Don’t be. Exploring human sexuality is a delicate and sensitive undertaking that requires more subtle and gentle understanding. In this sense all climax is not the same 🙂

    • Florence,
      I’m so saddened at how many are going to be opening their wallets this weekend, and I assume the DVD sales and direct streaming sales will be profitable as well.

      I got into a FB comment thread disagreement with someone who was insistent that since it was just fiction, and Christian is just a fictional character and not real, it wasn’t harmful. Yes, it’s fiction and he’s not real, but that doesn’t make the behaviors (clarifying again here that I’m NOT against true bdsm, but the stalking and abusive behaviors) he displays acceptable.

  6. I haven’t read the books and don’t plan too. I won’t be watching the movie.

    I read the article you posted on Facebook yesterday. Scary to think people feel that this is acceptable behaviour.

    • Laura,

      Did you get a chance to check out the comments on that article? Someone was arguing the rape scene as being just sex, and got schooled in a glorious way.

    • Margo,

      It’s a hot one right now given the release of the movie this weekend, and I heard that the next two books will turn into movies too. Ugh!

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