anti hero

In my first book, Along the Way Home, my antagonist was the Oregon Trail. It was weird, writing something that wasn’t human to be “the bad guy”, but it was also a fun challenge.

In my next book, Tainted Dreams, I do have a human “bad guy” who plays the antagonist, bent on stopping my two lead characters from realizing their goals. And I admit, he was oh so much fun to write!

The meme above features one of my all time favorite antagonists, Boyd Crowder, star of the FX series, Justified.

Who’s favorite antagonist? 


2 thoughts on “Antagonist

  1. Oooo, Oooo … Christi … I do love the bad guys … sometimes I even cheer them on. Okay, so I’m weird. From fiction and some of the better TV and movie versions … Moriarty from Sherlock is my fav. He was the only person who could best Sherlock.

    From NCIS, Ziva’s brother, Ari Haswari, played by Rudolf Martin. A very bad boy who kills the agent Kate and is then killed by his half-sister Ziva David.

    Often, writers of books and screen plays make the antagonist more sympathetic and you find yourself liking them. But then …

    like all bad boys … they die 🙂

  2. The bad guys fascinate me, I’m always intrigued as to why they act the way they do, and I especially enjoy when they’re not totally bad. I gave my bad guy in Tainted Dreams some good qualities just to make him interesting, and hopefully it shows his motivations are complex.

    Also, I’m looking through your Etsy pages to find a prize to give away for my book release celebration party this July (ish). Any ideas on something that would be a good fit?

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