Spring Break at the Corbett House

This week is spring break for my twins, which means I’m not getting a lot of writing done. And by “a lot” I really mean, “any”.

As many of you know, I have nine-year-old twins, and they are very good at coming up with stuff to do to keep themselves occupied. We don’t allow a lot of screen time in our house, so they’ve learned long ago to invent games and things to do. However, while I do appreciate their imaginative play, sometimes it gets a bit rowdy at the Corbett house, which doesn’t blend well with my “zone out completely” writing style.

Here’s a small sampling of what I said to them within the first three hours of spring break…

Me to Girl Twin: “Why is your mattress on the kitchen table?”

Me to Boy Twin: “Why are you wheeling the kitchen island down the hallway?”

Me to Boy Twin: “No, you can’t play basketball in your new suit jacket. That’s for special events.” (He has an over the door hoop)

Me to both: “No, you can’t prop one end of your mattress on the counter and use it as a slide.”


How’s your week going? Any exciting events happening for you?


2 thoughts on “Spring Break at the Corbett House

  1. Christi, this brings back memories of my two taking sheets and making tents in their bedrooms. I walked into the girl’s room once and she was dancing with a pair of his tightie-whities on her head 🙂

    Gotta love’em … no matter how many hairs fall out or turn gray … Enjoy the balance of their vacation !!

    • My hubby once told girl twin to put on her underwear, and so she put it on her head. (She was two years old)

      My hair is decidedly full of more “wisdom” than before they were born, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything 😀

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