How to Effectively use Book Trailers to Promote your Books

Hello everyone! Today I’m pleased to introduce Opal Campbell, the creator of a long list of book trailers and cover teasers, many of which have been featured on the USA Today website. And, she created the book cover reveal trailer for Tainted Dreams!

Without further ado, here’s Opal…


Book trailers have been growing in popularity for years. A new medium to reach readers and spark interest in books. They range from simple to cinematic and can pack a punch.

The most common question I get asked (besides how much I charge) is Do book trailers sell books? Let me start by saying this isn’t an easy question to answer but I will do my best. The short response is no. A book trailer is NOT going to sell thousands of books FOR you. A trailer is simply another tool in the arsenal that is your promotion. Trailers can be Pinned, Tumbled, Stumbled, Tweeted, TSU’d, Vined, Reddit’d, blogged, Google +’d and of course YouTubed.  You can (and should) add them to your Amazon author page, to your GoodReads page, to your blog and your Facebook page.

You should ALSO take full advantage of your trailer when you are planning a blog hop.  When you set up a blog tour you should offer a variety of options for your hosts to pick from. Guest blogs, Interviews, Reviews, Spotlights, cover spotlights AND trailer spotlights J Mix it up to keep is fresh!

Going to a signing? Load that puppy onto your tablet! Buy a cheap little plate stand to hold your tablet and display your beauty at your signing.

I keep a running list on my FaceBook page of places to promote trailers and blogs that offer spotlights and or contests for trailers. Promotional opportunities are growing for trailers (WOOPIE!!!!!) Just look at RT……They offered a close circuit channel in the convention hotel this year JUST for book trailers! AWESOME!

The sky is the limit when it comes to the options for video in the publishing world. And remember, you do NOT have to spend a fortune to have a quality trailer. Whether you make it yourself or hire a pro, there are options out there for EVERY budget.

*WARNING* if you plan to make your own trailer please do so responsibly. Make sure you are getting your art and music from LEGAL sources and NOT just using images you pulled from the net. Piracy is piracy no matter how you slice it.

Does anyone have any questions for Opal? Leave them as a comment below, and she’ll reply.

4 thoughts on “How to Effectively use Book Trailers to Promote your Books

    • M,

      I’m very happy with the one she did for me (the cover reveal one for Tainted Dreams featured above) and I know that many authors like her work, so I can easily recommend working with her 😀

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