Friday Writing Fun

The slush pile is a place where books sit patiently, waiting to be discovered, while their authors sit likely not-so-patiently at home, waiting to get “the call”.

But what about when an author gives up on their book, and throws it out?

Check out this list of 5 Famous Books Saved from the Dumpster

2 thoughts on “Friday Writing Fun

  1. Great list, Christi … I knew about King from the story he tells in his autobiographical/writing book … On Writing. I also knew about Harper Lee and Anne Frank’s diary but the others were news to me. Love these Friday posts 🙂

    • Florence,

      I knew the story about King too, but those other ones were new to me. I love that the story about Tabitha fetching it from the garbage is so popular that they didn’t even have to clarify who she was to him.

      I loved the Harper Lee one, and can only imagine that conversation. Must have been a doozy!

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