Writers on Deadlines

I’ve finished another book! It’s with my six Beta Readers right now, goes to my editor next week, and after I turn it in I’ll be able to take a few deep breaths and relax for a bit.

I’ll be posting more about the upcoming book, titled “A Mountain Man’s Redemption” in the coming weeks, as well as releasing the cover.


3 thoughts on “Writers on Deadlines

  1. Very much looking forward to it. I finished your first two a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed them. I remember when we corresponded several years ago about our love of the Oregon Trail. I recently pulled my OT book out from under the bed and am working on it. I was mortified at how horrible it was–and, I thought it was good. I have published one book with the Wild Rose Press, it’s titled “Dianne’s Destiny” and is part of a series written by Oklahoma authors.

    Keep writing!


  2. Christi, I am back and glad to be here with you to celebrate yet another benchmark in your amazing journey as a writer. I look forward to No. 3 as I always look forward to all that you do. Hello and have fun editing 🙂

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