I’m thrilled to announce that my long-time critique partner, Artemis Grey, has just signed her first book contract!!

She wrote about how everything happened on a blog post here…

Here’s my favorite picture of her 🙂



5 thoughts on “BOOK DEAL NEWS!!!!

  1. Aaaand I accidentally commented under the ICARUS account. Incidentally, I’ve been involved with the ICARUS project, which an awesome group devoted to conservation and animal welfare. Feel free to go check them out 🙂

  2. Good grief, Christi … how could I have missed this? I am tickled silly. You have talked so much about Artemis that I feel as though a good friend just go the GREAT news.

    Congrats, Artemis … all you hard work has paid off 🙂

    • Florence,

      Isn’t this the best news! I’m so happy for her!!!! Thank you for your kind words to her, she’s tried so hard for so long!!!!

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