School’s Out for Summer!

I have twins, a boy and a girl, and summertime at the Corbett house means workbooks and fun. In that order…


Welcome to summer, Boy Twin and Girl Twin!

IMG_20160620_112824577FYI: They’re at Sports Camp this week, and swim team starts next week, and they’ve been to our town pool’s open/family swim every day, so they’re not just slaving over workbooks. The X-Box hasn’t been turned on yet, but I know it’s coming 🙂

Girl Twin’s journal is now held in a plastic bag because she broke the spine so the pages all fell out, and Boy Twin threw his against the wall so many times I had to stop him because I was worried he’d put a hole in the drywall (the tasks they’re given end up destroying the journal, which is the ultimate goal. They got to throw it off the roof last summer.)

I’m doing the math workbook pages along with them as a refresher, and I’m sad to say I’m not so good with the long division anymore, but I did get 100% and a smiley face on my multiplication (Girl Twin graded my work)

How’s your summer going?

*Parents, I highly recommend giving your kid, whatever age they may be, a “Wreck This Journal” journal. They’re so fun! CLICK HERE for the Amazon link. Worth every penny!

4 thoughts on “School’s Out for Summer!

  1. I think back on my school holidays and I spent 90% of them on horseback. My daughter rides a lot as well… when she’s not entertaining friends, swimming, going to see the one movie per holiday she’s allowed, reading, doing any number of maths games on her laptop… It never seems like she’s that busy.

    We’re in winter here and the school break hasn’t yet arrived, but when it does, I shall be child free for most of it as her grandfather is taking her to Australia.

    • My twins had their first horseback riding lesson today. Everything from saddling the horse and caring for the tack and hooves, to hopping in the saddle and taking a few times around the arena (in a very slow walk). They loved it!

      How much longer until summer break for your little one?

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