Writing Fun!


So this has been me the last few months. I focused everything I had on finishing the 3rd and then the 4th draft of my current book.

Now that I’m on the 5th draft I feel I’m deep enough into this book that I can get back to a blogging schedule again. I’m hosting other authors with Path to Publication stories on Thursdays and will get back on track with some Friday writing fun like the meme above. I’ll throw in an occasional update about the book, and other writing news.

So, how have you been doing?


4 thoughts on “Writing Fun!

  1. New kid on the block, practicing my writing. Doing the daily prompts every day, working on short stories – writing for me. Having a blast, but sometimes that writers block needs a swift kick in the hoo ha!

    • Ares,

      Congrats to you on working on your writing with daily prompts and short stories!!!!! What genres do you write?

      • I seem to write about anything that comes to mind, as long as I can turn it into something enjoyable to write about. I seem to be having this trend in my prompts where they always end in a twist. Where as my short stories always ‘finish’. I try to keep my prompts to sub 500 words, so a twist is a nice way to finish it. My shorts are varying in words, and they are stories so I tend to write a lot more. Thus, completing the story.

        So I cant really answer the genre question. Maybe Sci Fi and Thriller right now.

        I just mash the keys, see what comes out 😀

        • I love things that end in a twist and make the reader think long after the story is over. Great for you for always finishing! My trouble is getting started, I’m a procrastination pro!

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