About Christi


Christi was born and raised in the town of Marysville, Washington, a small suburb about thirty miles north of Seattle. After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Communications, Christi took a job with a CBS affiliate in the Creative Services Department. Over the years her lifelong love of writing was put to good use; in addition to writing over three hundred television commercials, she earned the position as head writer for a weekly television show.

Christi is an award-winning author of Along the Way Home, a Historical Western novel about life on the Oregon Trail, and the sequel, Tainted Dreams. She’s written a novella, A Mountain Man’s Redemption, and a short story, Retribution Road. She’s also expecting to release another book in June of 2018, titled Brokken Rising.

Currently, Christi lives in a small town in Oregon with her husband, and twin children. The location of the home holds a special place in Christi’s writing life; the view from her back door is a hill travelers looked upon years ago as they explored the Oregon Territory and beyond.

Christi is a member of Willamette Writers and The Ridge Writers, a local writing critique group.


11 thoughts on “About Christi

  1. Hey Christi! I am crossing my fingers for your book. I hope it will be published soon, I would love to read it. Good luck with everything!

  2. After having the opportunity to read a portion of Christi’s upcoming novel, Along the Way Home, I must say I was left waiting for more! The description and detail wrapped within each line creates a sense so deep you feel as if you were there – as if you can actually feel the velvet softness of the main character’s dress, see the carvings within the banister of her home. It will be a great addition to any reader’s collection and I cannot wait to read it in full!

    • Jill,
      Thanks so much for the comment and for checking out my site. It is less than two months old and I still have a lot to learn so it is nice when I get visitors 🙂

      Thanks again for visiting!

      PS. I check out your site a few times a week…good stuff!

  3. Hi, Christi. What a great beginning! I admire how you draw the reader right into the story, and how you use dialogue to strengthen your characterizations. Like the other commentors, I’d love to read more, too. You’re in a re-write? I know how hard that is. But keep at it–you definitely have talent–and you have some great characters started here. And never, ever give up! Good luck!

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