Where’s My Cat?

I’m trying to get my blog going on a regular schedule again (Writing posts on Tuesdays, Path to Publication posts on Thursdays, and occasionally do a Writing Fun post on Fridays) so here’s my “Tuesday” post…only a day late 🙂

Our pets, dog and cat, like to start the day running around the entire house at early o’clock. As if this wasn’t enough, they’ve started playing hide and seek from each other.

Here’s my cat. Do you see her?


What about you? Do your pets do anything in particular to make you laugh?

Sunlight Photography

Last weekend I got a “Sunlight Print” kit. Over the next few weeks I’m going to try homemade photography, and hopefully have fun while trying. Plus, I’m going to have my twins do this with me, so even if we can’t figure it out we’ll make some fun memories.

Anyone have experience with cyanotypes (using the sun and special paper to create a photograph)?


School’s Out for Summer!

I have twins, a boy and a girl, and summertime at the Corbett house means workbooks and fun. In that order…


Welcome to summer, Boy Twin and Girl Twin!

IMG_20160620_112824577FYI: They’re at Sports Camp this week, and swim team starts next week, and they’ve been to our town pool’s open/family swim every day, so they’re not just slaving over workbooks. The X-Box hasn’t been turned on yet, but I know it’s coming 🙂

Girl Twin’s journal is now held in a plastic bag because she broke the spine so the pages all fell out, and Boy Twin threw his against the wall so many times I had to stop him because I was worried he’d put a hole in the drywall (the tasks they’re given end up destroying the journal, which is the ultimate goal. They got to throw it off the roof last summer.)

I’m doing the math workbook pages along with them as a refresher, and I’m sad to say I’m not so good with the long division anymore, but I did get 100% and a smiley face on my multiplication (Girl Twin graded my work)

How’s your summer going?

*Parents, I highly recommend giving your kid, whatever age they may be, a “Wreck This Journal” journal. They’re so fun! CLICK HERE for the Amazon link. Worth every penny!

Back to School!!!

This is a repost from last year, but still just as good…especially the commercial 🙂


Today my twins went back to school.

The following video captures my complete joy at this event 🙂

And this picture details what I will be doing with my kid-free time.

drink coffee make stuff up

How about you? Anything new scheduled for your days now that Autumn is upon us?

Spelling Bee

I’ve taken on the task of organizing the spelling bee for my twins’ school.

I won the first grade spelling bee for my school, so I have a lifelong love of spelling, and think it’s a shame that some schools aren’t teaching it anymore because spellcheck fixes errors. However, as we all know, spellcheck doesn’t fix all errors, and autocorrect can create even more problems 🙂

What about you? Did you ever participate in a spelling bee? How’d you do? 

It’s almost here!

One of my favorite days of the year is fast approaching, April Fools Day!

Today I’m rerunning last year’s April Fools Day post for two reasons: my twins are on spring break so I don’t have a lot of time alone to concentrate on a new post, and after you read the following repost I’m wondering if you have any ideas of tricks to play?


I love April Fools Day and always have. This is due to my mom’s plethora of tricks she played on my brother and I each year; the two I recall best are dumping piles of uncooked rice between the mattress and the bottom sheet, and removing my dresser drawer and putting it back in upside down so all the clothes fall to the floor the next time it’s opened.

So now I’m following in her footsteps, and showing the Corbett twins what practical jokes are all about.

First, I did the nail polish trick and accused them both of the spill. It was all in good fun and they loved it!

So, then I proceeded on to the brownie trick.

Thankfully, I had some real brownies on hand so they weren’t too disappointed :D.

I also made them some special juice to go along with dinner (hint, it’s Jello! Thanks to Vanessa for the idea!)


And then I finished off the day with the classic trick, short-sheeting the bed.

How about you? Did you play any tricks? Get fooled by anyone?

Storms and Power Outages Oh My!

Last week I didn’t write any posts here on the blog, which is VERY unusual for me since I’m a hard-core stickler for posting Tuesdays and Fridays.

Why no posts?

Massive storms ripped through our part of Oregon, leading to high winds, ice-covered powerlines and trees, and ultimately power outages. A branch fell through the roof of our gazebo and our backyard is littered with larger branches. A tree fell at the entrance to our cul-de-sac but thankfully it was small enough that it only blocked half the entrance so we could get in and out. All over town fallen branches and trees disrupted normal routines, and we got nearly eight inches of snow (I lived in Minnesota so I know that isn’t a large amount, but for west coasters it’s HUGE) and then a powerful ice storm hit.

Unpictured: A massive section of the branch sticking out of the top of the roof. It looked like our gazebo had deer antlers!

Unpictured: A massive section of the branch sticking out of the top of the roof. It looked like our gazebo had deer antlers!

All this meant no school for the kiddos, who didn’t mind the disruption at all because it meant “camping” in front of the fireplace. We hung a blanket over the hallway entrance and closed off the rest of the house so our living room stayed warm and cozy. To their complete delight, the beast dog slept on his back with his legs in the air between them, and even our cat pried herself from her usual spot on our bed (no power meant our room was chilly and she loves warmth) and spent time with us in a curled up ball on the back of the couch.

Huge Dog

Now, while our twins found all the disruption to be a big adventure, me and the hubby–who got the short straw and spent time outside warming soup on the camping stove–missed our power, but enjoyed seeing how much fun our twins were having. So much in fact they were actually disappointed when the power came back on.

Now the Corbett kids are at a grand total of NINE snow/storm days out of school this year. Yesterday was Presidents Day, a traditional no school day for most American children but mine spent they day making up their first “snow” day.

What about you? Any fond memories of family fun during power outages?

Puppy Update: He’s Now “Beast Dog”

About a year ago I wrote a post about our new puppy, a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. (Click here for the post)

Here’s a refresher picture, taken the day we got him. He was five weeks old and weighed six pounds.

Then, four months later he looked like this…

The bone is over three feet long, and he carries it around like it's nothing.

The bone is over three feet long, and he carries it around like it’s nothing.

It was then that I wrote another post, about how he’d saved me from an overzealous man who was yelling at me while I waited for the school bus to drop off my twins. (Click here for the post) Quick summary of that day, puppy was only four months old but already close to sixty pounds. He was losing his baby teeth so his mouth was bloody, which made him look a whole lot more scary that he really was. The guy contemplated his options for a bit, took a few looks at my rearing puppy with missing teeth and bloody froth in his mouth, and walked away.

Now he’s a year old, and looks like this.

Huge Dog

Yep, he’s lying on our Queen sized bed and you can see that his back feet are off one edge, and when he lays across it his nose hangs off the other side. Queen sized beds are sixty inches wide, or five feet, so that gives a good indication of how tall he is. As far as weight? Since the scale at the dog washing place won’t hold him, and he hates the one at the vet’s office, we don’t know his exact weight, but we estimate it’s between 100-110.

When he runs through the house it sounds like a horse is loose, and when he gets going sometimes he doesn’t stop fast enough (we have laminate floors throughout our house) and I’m seriously concerned that one day he’ll put a hole in the drywall because he’s so strong.

You’d think that given his beastly size he’d be a big tough meanie, but he’s the exact opposite. The cat on the bed behind him rules the house and he’s just along for the ride. And our eight-year-old twins are his best friends. Just yesterday I said this to them…”The dog is not your bed.”…because they think it’s great fun to lay on him when they watch TV or do their homework. They say he’s “snuggly and warm”. When our twins play in a room with the door closed he lays outside of it, softly moaning his complaints of separation from them. It would be funny if he wasn’t so sad that he can’t be with them.

He’s great with kids, a fantastic protector, and a wonderful companion.

What about you? What is your family pet like? 

Words and Roast, Let them Rest!

This is a repost because I’m setting up a new desk (well, a card table in the living room, but hey, it’s a desk 🙂 )


Making dinner last night I had an epiphany

*Ok, well to be honest, and to further understand the meaning of this post, I have to confess I was merely heating up dinner*


Yesterday, I made a fantastic roast dinner. Big hunk of chuck, russet potatoes, carrots, added water and a variety of seasonings and then topped it all off with three cloves of garlic.

My kids are picky and one is a very slooooow eater, and they even scarfed it up.

So yes, it was delicious.

Now, today was leftover day. Heat up whats left on low and let it simmer for at least half an hour to activate all the goodness, throw some fresh Ciabiattia bread slathered with butter in the oven to get all hot and crispy and you’ve got another great meal.


As I ate tonight, I noticed everything in the roast tasted better. The flavors of the seasoning, meat, veggies, and garlic were no longer totally distinct from the other. It all had mingled together until each bite was savory perfection.

Now is where I circle this back around to writing 🙂

Is it possible that writing could be looked at this in a similar manner?

Figure out your meal plan=getting the “big idea” to your novel

Gather all the ingredients=doing your research, figuring out characters

Prepping the food (cutting veggies, searing meat, etc)=Writing the outline

Actually cooking the meal=First draft

Checking on progress, reseasoning to taste=Revising and rewriting

Leftovers in the fridge=letting your work rest and moving on to other projects, learning more about the craft of writing itself, attending conferences, networking

Being pleasantly surprised by leftovers=You left your draft alone and now all your work is about to pay off on the next round of edits.  You’ve gained the skills needed to fix plot holes, character issues, punctuation and grammar problems, etc…

Ok, I just REALLY took the long way around the barn to make a simple point.

What are your thoughts about letting your work rest while focusing on other writing related activities? Is that part of your writing process?