#1 on Amazon’s Top 100 list, Print News, and Prizes Galore!

Lots of stuff going on at the Corbett household today!

First, the print version of Along the Way Home released late last night. I don’t have a copy yet *eyes mailman* but I’ve seen the back cover on Amazon and it’s beautiful!

CLICK HERE to purchase a print copy.

Yesterday also brought some great news for the Kindle version of Along the Way Home. I was shocked and overjoyed to see it was listed at Number One on Amazon’s Top 100 list for “Hot New Releases in Westerns”



Even more amazing…

It’s #9 on Amazon’s Top 100 list for “Best Sellers in Westerns”

It’s #10 on Amazon’s Top 100 list for “Hot New Releases in Western Romance”

It’s #23 on Amazon’s Top 100 list for “Best Sellers in Western Romance”

Plus, it’s on the Top 100 wish lists for both of the above categories.


In funny news…I got another rejection yesterday from an agent I’d queried in January. This makes about 6 rejections I’ve received since Along the Way Home released. 🙂


And finally, I’ll be doing more posts about this for the rest of the week, but Astraea Press is throwing a HUGE party! It’s called the AP FanFest and there’s over fifty authors giving away over sixty prizes, and the grand prize is a Kindle Fire! It’s an all day event (9am to 10pm Eastern Time) so you can pop in and out throughout the day.

Fan Fest Logo



CLICK HERE here to sign up for the event

CLICK HERE to enter to win the Kindle Fire

Finally, aside from a staggering amount of giveaways going on, another one of the fun events going on throughout the entire day is being able to ask questions directly to the authors of Astraea Press.

I’m hoping you can think of a few questions for me to answer during the FanFest, otherwise I’m going to be the newbie author at the party, standing in the corner looking at her feet so no one knows how shy and nervous I am.

Is there anything you’d like to know about me, writing related or in general? Ask the question in the comments section below and I’ll send it over to the FanFest organizers. Please? 😀