Writer’s Block

Hello everyone. In case you haven’t seen me around lately it’s because I’ve been trapped behind a block wall.

A giant, impenetrable wall called “writer’s block”.

For those of you unfamiliar with such things, writer’s block is much like an unwelcome houseguest…it comes when you least expect it and sticks around far too long. And, like an unwanted and uninvited guest, you have to pry it out of your home (or in my case, my mind).

I’ve been held captive by writer’s block for about a month now, but today I finally managed to break free due to a fellow writer– Bill Cameron.   


You see, last Thursday I attended a lecture of his and today I received a very helpful email in which he politely answered a follow up question I had regarding his speech.

After reading his suggestions and then escaping for a few hours with a pile of back issue Writer’s Digests, a ton of books, and countless cups of coffee, that pesky wall began to crumble. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be nothing but a big pile of rubble.  

Let the rewrites begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!